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Rest in Great Falls westbound Route seven Beyond Colvin run and beyond barren Cameron Avenue, with single file getting by a work zone and what remains of the crash on route 71 Point traffic had turn on a spring Vale rode into Great falls or onto barren Cameron. Interesting past Lake and I think you go west on Route seven now, but it's gonna take time in single file fashion and with significant work around an overflow through great falls on Georgetown Pike westbound as the obvious alternate On 66 westbound, Very slow traffic from 50 and Fair likes into Centerville. 3 to 4 lanes open through the long term works on their Prince William Parkway south of 66 still slow. What remains of the crash near balls. Ford Road was on the far right side South bound on 2 34 South bound on 95. Heavy traffic. Franconia, Springfield Down 1 23 Nothing blocking the way as far south as Fredericksburg heavy on the envelope from the Georgetown Pike into Bethesda, Maryland. Across the Legion bridge and through silver Spring. Nothing blocking the way on the interlude to 70 North bound local lanes. Crash reported near Shady Grove Road, but nothing in the main lines up. German town. 95 Good built with Beltway Baltimore Washington Parkway South bound south of the Beltway, getting the disabled van towed and cleared and north of Brandywine on Route five Branch Avenue. The crash near Morris Road was along the left side. You're getting by to the right North bound on Branch Avenue. Rid your home of unwanted pests turned home. Paramount Pest Control. Calm day for free inspection. 888888 home or home. Paramount dot com. Dave Tilden. W T o P Traffic Amelia A really typical fall day we started what in the upper forties and we ended up in the low seventy's. Yeah, exactly. Hillary. Just really beautiful overall out there Now, as we.

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