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Hi, everybody. Welcome to the RHA p BB BNB four. The final three weeks of big brother twenty. We have finally reached the end of this long road the highway of the future, and that's cracks along the way. But we have finally emerged at the exit into the fall. That is twenty eight. Mike bloom here with a monthly crew people to break down the final weeks of BB twenty. I welcome my rider die. My perennial final to partner, no matter what Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm good. Considering this is the end of the hashtag summer, Steve. It was a fun summer, not so much Steve, but definitely summer. So it's sad to see it come to the Ed come to an end, but I'm excited to talk about the crazy finale that we had and everything leading up to it. Yeah, goodbye summer Steve. Hello. Follow Fessel. It's coming just you way people who fly. The leaves flipped. They change colors without even realizing it. I'm so happy to bring in this gas because I feel like it wouldn't be a season of the AP BNB without bringing this guy on near the end. You've heard him every week on Fridays. We're a bit late with our updates this week or happy to have him on regardless how you doing. I'm doing good man as me summer Steve is over, which means my podcasting career will be temporarily on Jatta until the next big brother season. I couldn't think of a better odd cast to be a part of the BBB finale. Can you describe the brick walls that are behind you as you podcast? Because mine's a nice day. You know, very order like gray. The brick walls behind me are yellow because that's the road I'm gonna take out later. Well, actually big brother's gonna be back sooner. You know? I mean, well, sooner than the summer hashtag summer of, I don't know Stacey, her whatever. We're going to have next summer because celebrity big brother is back which I am super pumped for. I mean, I think that a lot of us cat Assad coming, but it's nice to have it officially announced and coming back for shore. Yeah, winter of Winston come so slippery brother. Those odd cats reprieve second because I know that terrain was mightily offended by them, poking fun at his profession of choice. Wouldn't you guys think of that? I just feel like intrude big brother, twenty fashion where their definition of technology was murky at best. I think it was the perfect capper at the end of the season to have them to find a podcast as sort of a livestream sort of like a YouTube how to video sort of a hostage video from Angela's like trip to Guantanamo Bay. Apparently. I'd really seems like they didn't necessarily know what aesthetic ever going for here. No, they couldn't decide they had a little bit. Everything like Scotty had the twitch stream thing. Go and Haley had the Instagram live for like frame going. So it was kind of couldn't decide which direction to take it, and it wasn't. Everyone wasn't a podcast, I sure it's all some of them look more like a broad Cadillac news broadcast looked like he was in a news broadcast. I did like the competition. The ultimately it was funny for me and it was fun to see who's going to be what I think Terron was really triggered when Scotty got that twitch one though. Yeah, exactly. Hit him. Weird hurts..

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