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That's a Tara Hastings not by the way I I all this week it's been different people to Marcus Bailey it's been yourself what would happen Randy he is on vacation you know he's he does a lot of time off here so he needs to rest and relax every once in awhile so are you saying he's old no not at all he sees it and like a fine wine hello or perhaps a cast iron skillet yeah yeah Yeahs I like that I don't think you can compare and the aisles to whine but something that could make me and corn bread that sounds legs of the right of rabies LA yeah by the way since tenderness oh dear even know what that is I know I don't know what that is I don't know yeah all the things we talk about funny because it's true time it is does Tara Hastings we see the meteorologist sixty eight degrees in the American standard cooling other center time is eight oh eight so the president was in Dayton we're going to get into the responses to both of those trips Tony Kaye ninety three W. I. B. C. good morning the country does not hate president trump as much as the media desperately wants us to believe they hate present these are the facts as presented that doesn't mean that there aren't people in the country who are bothered by the president completely different subject we'll get into that as well I am focused on the story at a month two of them actually and I had some response to the first one where there is there are two people who say that the police in Muncie did research on them because they were looking for information on a counselor the name nor Powell and as she has a son who works in the police department next thing you know there's didn't.

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