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So it's important to realize that again, going back to the sources of these dysfunctions. It's not just died vacations, but it's also against us, reduction correlate, cortisol will absolutely increase permeability of the of the. It actually has direct direct effect on the colonic cells and the permeability and as well. Also, of course, on the Vegas nerve which controls it. They just in the other an inflammation while from your own path, you've sort of dialed in on the stuff that you put into neutral, where you're saying you've got to control your stress. So you need lifestyle modifications which you've even cooperated. But you also want the adapted herbs and then you want the right nutrients to support the hair growth, things like like, zinc and I'm not sure what else. What else are you putting in there but that's dialed in invis- on your your chief medical officer? What? What are the other big bucket that you put in the. In the stuff that you're taking, generally speaking, what we wanna do is target all of these components, right? So you have the stress components. So what we do is we import forgotten again where using exe potential extracts that are almost harm ascetical great meeting their standardized that clinically tested on. I think that's very important. Renew choosing your ingredients, which is in your supplements. And of course you speak a lot to that as to as to where they come from and how they're manufactured and what bioavailability that have in the body. So all of these have been tested for viability owned absorbed and also their efficacy in clinical studies. So we use for Gonda stress it up to join the major stress, adopt our in our product, and it has been clinically shown to lower cortisol levels in comically stress. Adults also improve thyroid function. Because again, thyroid function is impacted by high stress import SOLAS well, and that is important for hair grows because it it is one of the major. Snow's production of energy follicles need energy. So then we target the information. So intimidation is important to target because it's been found in shown in every type of hair loss something that again, western medicine didn't recognize before, but now we know that inflamming the immune system is highly linked, or it actually regulates biological clocks. It meets perfectly regulated. As long as you have more inflammatory cytokines molecules produced the follicle. You need to calm that down and sing high potency anti-inflammatories that can target Tina foul for I wanna lead to hair loss sivvy's curcumin, which is an extract of to Mark for that. Again, all of these, of course, are multi targeted than they have multiple Fido. Actus a nice because they have the target so many receptors. So they're able to rebound rather than go in one particular direction, which is, for instance, the case with medications supplementaries a natural dihydrotestosterone inhibitor. And that's what we used to to count at the DVD. The started engine production, hyper engine production in hair loss. Unlike p show or festered does not have any sexual side effects has been shown to increase nitric oxide production, so actually improves be, don't sexual functioning. So I think that's a question that a lot of men will always ask is to whether or not something like this effectual Beato because of the mechanism of action, but it doesn't actually, it's more of a rebalancing action. Unlike unlike finesse stride and we have potent anti oxidants like took a turn America tax Bill, your own. Build up the you can take anti-oxidants which quantified articles, but you really want something that Trump production of glib sign Cadillac. Since the proxy dismutase which are depleted with aid stress. So these systems tax, you really want to stimulate your body again to to heal itself into produce more of the. So that's that's our kind of multipronged approach. In addition to that, of course, supporting neutrons. Like sing selenium, dine from Cal and. And many other Twenty-one ingredients in total. So collagen while all source from very clean sources that with smaller fish, we talked about mercury a good Iceland, Norway sources of kelp end and collagen and a couple of other really, no vitamin d, all of these things that are really important in terms of supporting the full multipronged multi targeted approach..

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