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And beat Air Force Today five to the final score. He was the Mercyhurst Ice Center in eerie Pennsylvania. This the Navy Federal Credit Union postgame show with Dave Toller. I'm Jay Richard. We're doing an abbreviated version of the postgame show Today, Air Force got rolling. At 2 51 of the first period and took a one. Nothing lead on ago by Brandon Cook even strength, the assist from Bryan Adams and will Gavin and the Falcons were up one Nothing at the end of the first period of play in the second period. Air Force made it a two nothing game on a short handed goal by Blake Bride. It was a turnover at center ice. Marshall Bowery picked up the puck. And he had a breakaway. He came in. His shot was blocked by the goaltender Hank Johnson. But it pulled Johnson off balance and a little bit away from the goal mouth and trailing the play was bride. He picked up the rebound and got the easy put back short. Handed an air force was up to nothing at 2 20 of the second period. Mercier's got back in the game later in the period when Jonathan Ben Dorf even strand scored, George, your G federal AV was got to help for the assist on the play and at 5 38 of the second period. The Lakers were on the scoreboard for the first time it was 21. That's how the first two periods ended up. Air Force took a lead into the third period for the first time all season, but they surrendered. As I said four goals in the third period. The last two were empty netters, but the ones that hurt We're, uh, Dante share of school at 1 48 of the third even strength rife in Burger and Norton assisted on the play that made it 22, and then they took the lead The go ahead goal. Michael Devil Aqua at 6 18 of the third period unassisted that made it three to the added an empty netter at 18 23 of the third by Paul Mosque, another empty netter at 1935 of the third that came from federal law, and that was it five to The final score. We're gonna given iron Man of the game award. Never perfect. Pretty much going to wrap it up here from theory this afternoon. Yeah, Jr. Iron Man of the game is going to go to the Air Force Senior winger Marshall Ballerina out of Rochester Hills. Monsieur. I thought Valerie played a tremendous game tonight. He had several key clears in a penalty kill that killed all five of Mercier's power place. In the game. Valerie had an assist a swell on Blake Brian's goal. He won six face offs in the game, and Marshall Valeria guy playing better and better. He took a missile in the chest on Wednesday against Sacred Heart blocked the shot had a huge bruise that he was playing with tonight. Playing with that on the way he did tonight, Marshal Valerie is our iron Man of the game. The assist he got was his first point of the spear was well, you know. Marshall. He assisted because his shot was saved. And that's the one that Blake bride put back in for the short handed goal, which was the first Shorty of the season for Bride and the second Shorty of the season for Air Force two short handed goals now for the Falcons in back to back games. Bright spot for Air Force Today had to be the power play. Yeah, Yeah, Exactly. The penalty kill, probably kill killed. All five against Mercier's came in top 15 in the nation number one in Atlantic hockey at 24% on the power plant. Boy Air Force took a lot of penalties. Five penalties in the game. Four of them came in the second period. Penalty kill was fantastic. Zach LaRock made a pile of saves in this game as well. And he kept air force in it until the very end. So yeah, the The penalty kill exactly rock bright spots for Air force, and the final score from today's game was Mercier's five. Air Force two final score Brought to you by Elliot fueled by innovation. Driven by integrity value delivers world class best value Services and solutions. So the Falcons was one more crack on this road trip of getting their first win of the season won't be easy, but we're back here tomorrow afternoon couple hours earlier. 305 Eastern time, the Pakal drop on the fifth and final game of the 10 Day road trip for the Falcons. And the biggest thing for the Falcons tomorrow night. Spend more time in Mercyhurst and Air Force didn't Spend enough time down there didn't get enough scoring opportunities. Not enough shots on the more offense. You play the better. Your defense isn't it helps your goaltender Zach LaRock. That's the gold tomorrow forever. We're on the air tomorrow. A couple hours earlier, as I mentioned a 305 eastern time start that is 105 back in Colorado Springs. 30 minutes before that. You're all invited to join us for the USA, a pregame show for another round between Air Force and Mercyhurst tomorrow afternoon here in Cary, Pennsylvania, at the Mercyhurst Ice Center more frustration for Air Force Today they surrender a to nothing lead and they fall to Mercier's by a final score. Of 5 to 2. We're going to send it back to Colorado Springs and stay tuned because up next Jim Martin's got Air Force men's basketball. The Falcons on the road in Mountain West play against Boise State. That's coming up next. That'll do it here for Mercyhurst. On the Navy Federal Credit Union postgame show Thanks to Matt Western studio for Dave Toller, I'm J. Ritchie. Thanks for listening. Good afternoon on the Air Force Sports Network from their field I MG college presented by USA A..

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