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Bear witness ABC's. Lana Zak every one of them has their hand over their heart. Some of them biting their lips. Their faces have changed as the realization that they are laying to rest their father. I think now to the state funeral at the Washington National cathedral ABC's, Karen Travers is there every living. American president is here today for the funeral of former president George H W Bush for service is expected to last about an hour and a half and will feature eulogies by the president's son. Former President George W Bush former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, former Republican Senator Alan Simpson and presidential historian Jon Meacham, three of the president's granddaughters will also give readings guess we're writing all morning on buses after going through security at a location away from the cathedral members of Bush, forty one's cabinet former and current members of congress senior members of the Trump administration and even members of the White House press corps during Bush's time in office. President Trump just arrived at the cathedral early this morning. He tweeted this is not a funeral. It's a day of celebration for a great man earlier today. The president tweeted he believes China will live up to its promises and the. Trade war this after investors were rattled by uncertainty. Sending the Dow down nearly eight hundred points yesterday special counsel's office saying that former national security adviser, Michael Flynn has been helping a lot. So Stanford cooperation that's the reason Muller's team is recommending no jail time. From Flynn was apparently being giving significant detail information to prosecutors, and he's potentially implicating others associated with the Trump campaign. Let's ABC news chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. You're listening.

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