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Mercedes AMG driving performance I don't know what he's going to do next he could be an analyst I think he's very bright opinionated good sense of humor and knows the game got credibility but you know if your bill Belichick in ed reed goes I'd like to be your defensive backs coach now I'm I'm assuming you have a DVD coach so you might go and I got somebody there but you know I'll keep ya I I think Bella check would hire Rodney Harrison as a defensive backs coach in wouldn't you love to have somebody like that just that wealth of information may to be great it just what do you see no when you see a play develop what do you look for look like they've been nuances that these guys will tell you about I remember Rodney Harrison I think Rodney got the job on football night in America for one moment when he was being interviewed I don't know this for a fact but Rodney was interviewed at NBC so he helped us for one Superbowl and he was really good he was surprisingly funny and opinionated because I didn't know Rodney but he was good any other you know a tough reputation dirty player but he was a great player and I remember him dissecting a play and he said do you see what term where Tony done Tony Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez is you see where it's feet are I I don't know this any goes he's going he's going for a pass he goes I can always tell when he was going to line up to block and when he was going out for a pass by wares feet were small thing noticing the small things is sometimes the difference in making something big happens in ed certainly did that Rodney certainly did that as well and you know people had people sending me the names of people should be in the hall of fame look I I'm I'm for more generous than the voters are I look at this and go I think that person and I don't do this status is much as everybody else I'm fortunate to have seen most of these people play it's like when somebody goes all you know Oscar Robertson is one of the top five players of all time how many of you saw Oscar play not many I did spectacular player yeah but you know people go all you got to put in such and such I'm lucky to have seen a lot of these players play whether covering them or just being a fan and you know we get to those point sometimes where you go like us all a favor Zach Thomas hall of Famer to me I he may not be you but that's okay these are players who have been an all pro not Pro Bowl all pro at least five times and not in the hall of fame now I'm gonna go with modern day because Chuck Howley played for the cowboys from nineteen fifty eight to nineteen seventy three and I believe a Superbowl MVP insuperable five when the cowboys lost to the colts Zach Thomas Allen fan occur in Steve Hutchinson just talking modern era Zach Thomas a hall of Famer Allen family because a hall of Famer in my opinion Steve Hutchinson's a hall of Famer in my opinion they were all pro that's the measuring stick not Pro Bowl all pro five times for Zach Thomas five times for Steve Hutchinson and six times for Alan fennica infanta can Hutchinson on the doorstep this past hall of fame class they were finalised Zach Thomas to me is a whole fame I think you play dug in twelve years and only I don't know what the other numbers are Zach Thomas to me is all for him and so with these other guys fennica is Steve Hutchinson is Kimball covert is now is it there's a few of these guys that they're like hopefully this one hundredth anniversary these are some of the guys who do get him welcome back best and worst of the weekend make love and you asked me what I rather have Vince Carter's career or Robert Ory oreo exactly okay and your seats listen this unknown seat not course loves Robert Ory oreo I have two more players to put in there if I said you.

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