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Of thought to himself would give me a better place at the table when we talk about agreement that provides north korea with security assurances when we talk about sanctions relief and we talk about other issues at speak to the peninsula in north korea but the korean peninsula it would permit him to be in a better bargaining position so i believe and i think this is where he is right now having this nuclear weapons capability indeed gets into the table and put them in a minute of much stronger position to negotiate a deal whatever that deal may be and that's where he is i think this is a young man who are at a greater ambitions than his father grandfather let's talk about the deal i mean what could a guy who were murder result uncle murder his own brother uh and oversee the killing of his trusted generals and trusted aides in assistance with anti aircraft weapons just very brutal kind of activities kinds of activities also an individual who has attacked the us and other countries using cyber weapons which make no mistake about it are very real weapons in this day and age that we live in so what kind of a deal could a guy like that one i think you're ports it right on the mark i think they're all excellent cybertechnology but also the chemical technology as we'll see with his halfbrother using the vx nerve agent biological capabilities he's looking at if you will the whole menu of new of weapons to include nuclear weapons what kind of a deal could i like that want one is showing he's pretty brutal actor is of her act without a doubt he's versatile and he has goals and objectives and no one's going to interfere with those goals and objectives.

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