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And gators. Traffic and weather together on the eighth at 9 18. We're going to start with your drive. Apparently, there's a crash working right now in pleasant in Peter Scofield. How's the details? It's 5 80 eastbound approaching Foothill San Ramon. Somebody dropped a refrigerator on the freeway, the kind of debris that could cause a crash. In fact, a couple of cars were already on the right shoulder. KCBS phone force checked in on this saying it's occupying the middle lane and there is a backup taking shape here. The caller used the phone force number for 15391 KCBS 39152 to 7. So thanks for that in San Francisco, 101 north bound on the central Freeway crash involving a box truck that hit a utility bowl. The pole, then fell over and crashed onto the top of a car. Now the CHP is working. This crash is just off North bound 101 at the Octavia exit at the end of the Central Freeway. The Christ has been relocated There. It looks like traffics beginning to thin out a little bit. But still some break tapping on the Central Freeway North bound and we have this crash in the Central Valley. If you're headed south pound Interstate five toward Los Angeles. This has just passed 1 52. Santa Nella, about six miles. Both lanes of south pound Interstate five are blocked by this crash involving a motorcycle traffic is being allowed to squeeze by the center divide so you can get past it. But there is about a five mile backup your next traffic update at 9 28 on the traffic leader takes on KCBS six day Weather forecast for Labor Day weekend Sunny and hot, We're going to see temperatures in the triple digits. Records could.

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