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Seven hundred sixty WJR news, Ken Rogulski, it's back to the drawing board for the governor's forty five cent a gallon gas tax proposal house speaker Lee chant field says it's dead on arrival and a terrible idea. I do not believe that simply going back to the pockets of our taxpayers to the tune of forty five cents where people would now be paying over a dollar in taxes per gallon at the pump. I think it's an irresponsible plan and the house we putting something together that's more responsible that hopefully we can work with the Senate and the governor he was on the Beckmann show. Chatfield says the house will come up with its own plan to raise money to fix the roads. And that plan will not include the six percent sales tax which is currently placed on gasoline. But his spent on other things even though there is no body. There will be a murder charge. Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel announced murder charges in the Daniels. Does leaky missing case flood Galloway junior who worked as a security guard in the same building worst. Lookie worked will face those charges. Nestle say she believes they can get a murder conviction. Even with. Without a body Galloway's to be arraigned about eleven o'clock today at for Menton hills district court, a major clothing retailer is coming to downtown Detroit. Ancient AM will open its first Detroit location on Woodward avenue, and John are right below grand circus park. Dan, Gilbert's real-estate division says the new store will occupy about twenty five thousand square feet, and we will be the first downtown location to offer a full range of men's women's and children's clothing. In decades, the first since the jail Hudson company days, they're planning for a fall opening the final Chevy Cruz will be rolling off the assembly line in Lordstown Ohio today, and then GM will shut down the plant. It's one of five plants closed in the United States and Canada this year to those plant closures are here in metro Detroit. The Hamtramck plant in the Warren transmission plant last month GM announced Detroit Hamtramck plant won't close until next year. Mayor Duggan's says he has ideas on how to make Detroit safer expand surveillance cameras and hire more police continuing to hire new police officers ninety four more on the academy now, and I will be recommending the council at ten million dollar budget increase and seventy new positions for chief pregnant police department next year in a state of the city address, Doug and says Moore Detroiters are working but much more needs more need jobs to be done to be created money will be expanded on the training and education of programs. Doug and says he's been pushing the auto insurance reform, and he says he's hopeful a budget proposal from the mayor will go to the council this week. President Trump is expected to suffer a rebuke when the Senate votes to block his nationally -mergency declaration to build the wall. Correspondent sunlen. Serfaty says the deadline is approaching for the Senate to act they have to vote on this though by Friday of next week. They had eighteen days the Senate from the time the house voted it through. So at some point next week. We will see this huge review. Review likely sent to president traffic and weather next WJR news time, the Michigan golf show now over ten acres of pure golf with the expanded suburban collection showplace in Novi this Friday through Sunday, dozens.

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