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This is like end of second act or later. I was like is this over these skip please God. And it's we're in Montana, by the way, right? This is a lot of rocky crags. We're actually in Utah. But we're in Montana in the movie rocky crags, and they notice this like clearing of a fucking rock. This guy gets fucking Wiley. Coyote, your good. Oh, it's quite spectacular. Good. But I thought we were going to get a Dennis hopper. Head rip. Right. Yeah. Didn't happen kinda bummed. We can't you can't really rebuffs because that much. Concur splat. That's really looking for also watch. I watched that movie chill factor. Fucking feves. Am I remembering right? That when that dude causes the logging truck thing that logging truck flips over and explodes. Yes. Which is also pretty great very excessive. It was like a like early nineties late eighties action. I was like that didn't need that. And at this point in this sort of kerfuffle, Cuba, Gooding, jR, realizes that the gun doesn't work. It doesn't have bullets right? But then they're like, well, I guess because of the danger of the disea- thorough about to end. Yeah. Also, like, I know go to the police any police officer would be like, okay, I'll take this or whatever will I call fucking mcgruder. And they'll know what's going on. We'll because I think the thing is the closest to police officers are those two guys that hassled him. Yeah. So he doesn't trust..

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