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Said. Competence be competent be productive and compliment. What the offense the offense did is going to do what they did. Last year and whatnot so yeah they're set up they're much much better spot and you could feel again. You could feel the enthusiasm like you said. Maybe it's just the day before camp. But i think there's there's real energy there because grew knows that that defense is going to be much much different not only with the personnel with the coaching staff. On the other end of that as well and you know to to kind of bottom line. What sam just eloquently said or the just eloquently said especially as it relates the gangway. If i'm reading between the lines Sam you're saying was issaquah is a difference maker or having show to be the difference back. You mentioned the sax you also mentioned the fumbles. What is destructor. And the raiders. Haven't had that difference making disruptor defensively especially on that defensive line for awhile now yes max. V was good in his rookie era about struggled last year. A little bit You know he could be online for a bounce back season himself. But the the debt down in and down out disruptive difference maker defensive lineman the writer's been lacking for a little while now and if he can be that guy as you said it changes everything. The entire dynamics on the on the defensive line and john also mentioned Salam thomas you mentioned quinton. Jefferson he mentioned ad darius Quick note on various filon. By the way i have to say. I don't want to throw the kid under the bus. But he looked a little heavy local heavy during ota's which is why it was encouraging when john pointed darius out for coming in at what to ninety something or so. I'm looking forward to seeing darius Tomorrow when we get a chance to see him. Big basically what happened is since. Ota's and training camp He he he. He got to work on losing some weight and getting in underweight or where the writers wanted him to be. And that's no thing especially and gruden pointing this out. Here's a guy that hadn't played football for two years and you know it's tough staying in shape or that kind of shape when you're big dude To begin with when you're not out there playing you can't get out there and be part of the The the world class Nutrition and weight room work and conditioning work that that. Nfl teams do It's it's it. And this is a difference between this year and last year. Sam last year darius filo it'd be showing for the first day on training camp and if he showed up in training camp the way he kind of looked at not as it would be a long process getting him into the. Jaeger gonna need them whereas this year they had. Ot as he was able to get back into a building See where he was physically understand where he needed to be physically. And it seems like He took advantage of that by coming. In where the writers wanted to be physically. Yeah absolutely and that you know based on what group said today. He wasn't the only one that came into shabby. Since i got his that everybody you know he feels pretty good about where everybody's at physically and ready to roll and that's again one of the benefits of having a full offseason program where you can kinda gauge are at you know maybe vice instruction and then get everybody ready for training camp. I wanna ask you there's many We know the defense should be a lot better this year. There's offense is going to look a little different. Based on what jon gruden had to say today touch on the offensive line and the receiving core. What are you most excited about. What he's most intrigued by when it comes to the offense this year and the changes that the raiders have made on that side of the ball. But i can't wait to see alex leather would You know I think we talked about. We may have talked about this on a on a recent podcast but You know i had lunch with lincoln kennedy a couple of weeks back in He had explained to me how leatherwood was on the radars. The raiders radar long before this draft process started. He was a guy that that that caught your eye specifically their their their offensive line coach. Tom cable when he was a freshman at alabama and in fact Tom called lincoln one of his good friends. And obviously one of the best offensive. Tackles at the raiders. ever had. Hey man keep an eye on this kid from alabama named leatherwood so that so from that point on lincoln has been a keen observer of of alex leatherwood and was kinda fretting during draft night. Worried that the raiders weren't going to be able to draft him so it wasn't like you know based on some of the public reaction you know. The raiders reached on alex leatherwood. What were they thinking. Well this was in the plans for quite some time. Us on the radar raiders radar for quite some time and listening to john. Talk about alex. Today i mean. I think he said i don't wanna i don't want to misquote john. But i think he said i love alex leather was did he say something. I mean yeah yeah it was. It was you know. And there's a lot to like about him Just watching him not as how big and physical and athletic he is at one thing that lincoln told me is super smart. You know smart as a whip. So that's gonna also really interested to seeing Alex leatherwood andrei james At center some that retooled offensive line But you know Aside from that obviously henry rugs right. So it's the fastest guy on the team. One of the fastest guys in the nfl guy. I think the raiders have to figure out a way to tap into much more than last year. It'll help if he stays healthy. That's a big thing that plagued him and damon are now. We didn't even talk about david. Our net by the way the secondary but it looks like you know he's he's still Somebody that the raiders that kylie of and in the mixed secondary Certainly but for sure. Henry ragas offensively. What about you. Fun fact about henry rugs ninety eight speed rating in madden second-fastest among the wide receivers only leave behind tyreek hill. So that speed is dangerous. Yeah you touched on harry. Reid's has gone wanna see above. I've talked about the office of line throughout the course of your off season that we know that everything every good offense starts and ends with offensive line so yes that's important in that group. Take shape but i think henry rugs is prime. Of course he is. He's prime for a much better Twenty twenty one twenty twenty air. We saw his effects. We know how that speed affected that offense of course last season even if it didn't necessarily reflect the production of course. The raiders want him to be more productive. But i thought one inch one issue. That jon gruden touchdown was that was presence of job brown. John guy that's been one of the best deep threats in the league says. He says he entered the league with the with the cardinals several years ago and one thousand yard seasons before buffalo and still could get deepen you know he talked about. Hey maybe ground can can continue to help him. Rugs refined some routes and learn how to run different routes and learn how to really tap into that speed the way he has throughout the course of his career so i think he's in line for an uptick in production in a much bigger role because without nelson aguilar whom grew inside they. They're gonna miss There's going to be an opportunity there to be that kind of number you know number one receiver number two option in the passing game behind air waller and it feels logical that henry rugs would help fill that void and step up and be ready to go and i roll yup absolutely and I think the raiders wide receiver group There's a lot to offer there's a lot to like Especially if henry Takes a necessary. Step forward brian edwards himself going into his second year can emerge as a as somebody that they can rely on. But you mentioned john brown and willie see. That's why you go out and get veteran players like like those two and it's not so much on a just in case the other guys don't work out basis. You just know what you're going to be able to get john brown You know what you're gonna be able to get in willie snead And it's just gonna make the whole room that much better So i think the wide receiver group Is is going to be fine. I think i think that's something that i don't think raider fans necessarily need to worry about. It could be fine to really really good. Especially if henry rugs emerges in year two It's weird to say that we're going to go in entire podcast without talking about the quarterback derek carr were pretty much going to do that Here dark talks Tomorrow i of actual practices that will hear what what Mister car has to say about the state of the writers in where he believes that they are. I know that he's super excited about this season and You know he feels like we talked about this on. On one of the previous podcast. He feels like the raiders. Were pretty darn close last year to being a playoff team at eleven when team I think that he is guardedly optimistic. to the point of trying to almost Tie his hands together so he doesn't get too too excited all like he's trying to suppress it a little bit but he i think he believes that. The raiders made the necessary moves to be an even better team. And he's he's champing at the ticket out there and see what it's all about and And to and to get him on the field In competition mode and see where it'll be nice to hear from dark tomorrow And then by the time. We reconvene sam next week. We're going to have basically a full week of practice yet to really chew on and talk about and some of these. How jon gruden feels about the secondary. How jon gruden feels about alex. Other words gangway. We're going to have our own thoughts on all of that Coming coming up next week when we reconvene but until then salmon twice at thank you for doing a great job that you do want to say thanks larry. Me are great producer for always making sound good and being flexible as always truly appreciate that. 'cause we're trying to do the best weekend for our listeners in our readers And sometimes you have to move around the chessboard to to maximize that. And so we thank larry for always being flexible in that regard what they call the listeners. 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