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Okay. Who is the most guilty of undermining his wife undermining his wife. that'd be michael mariah. Thank you very much. Fight away thoughts on reaction to me and wendy's getting into it tonight at karen's love lunch on. I think wendy was reaching. I think that mia was being very nice. Very sweet and i think wendy would just want to fight. I think that wendy came in hot in season one and came in her rookie season. And i think game recognize game giselle. You have a little announcement tonight on do okay. Because chat room is august sixteenth. We're back for five days a week. You're going be for two week at. I'll watch live is off on every night five nights a week. Yes yes killing the tea. Yes all right i wanna go to our virtual audience horrid from texas has a question for giselle anything that lovely introduction more you look so good out by the way i've little two part question for you. What did you think of. All the women thinking. That was a stripper. Her strip club. And where do you stand. What i think about mia always thinking. The women's should burn that she was a stripper. She was was stripped. It was that. She said she was a bartender. She said she was a bartender and she was a stripper. That's like pulling hairs okay. Same thing said she was a strip. I mean i think okay okay. All right yes. You're jamie from chicago with the question for michael jamie. Hi eighty arlen michael. Hi to my mom. Patrise in syracuse. Hyper dreams so. I have to question for michael actually I what did you honestly think of the friends reunion where you will little myth that you didn't score and invite and to who do you think has had worked on the housewives or the men of france russia. We should ask the doctor to yeah. I was not that. I didn't get invited to. The reunion was satisfying to all the fans. I was a fan before. And i'll continue to be a fan and i have to say with all due respect. I think the housewives collectively have gotten more work than the humana frame. Yes all right. Thank you very windy. I oh what's know if you're excited to see heather dubrow back on our screen. Orange county marianna s texted. Why do you think. Karen brought up. You're six feet under comment about ray now when it happened. So long ago achie- address. How hurt she was by then never has ever said anything about it. I think she's just pulling out of her as it didn't make any sense libby g e mail giselle. Were you surprised to see me. Stick up for you at wendy's party especially considering karen was the one who brought her into the group. No has a great head on her shoulders. She knows what she's talking about at all times. All right my goal. I absolutely loved atypical. What's next for you rachel. You're in the new amy schumer. Show new amy schumer show. I'm on tour starting this week. Touring around the whole country. Which i'm looking forward to doing and what was did your girls see the reunion. Bits and pieces. What was their reaction to the whole. Jamal section. That had a lot of reaction to them and questions for them and they didn't like it at all. Have anything to do with. Let's say their dad per se was just like why these women being so mean to you. Interesting say something. Daughters are beautiful. They're so smart and they're so sweet.

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