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I'm not here for you. See around kid. Best moment of the promo My baby face of the week is honestly the reason. Why pat mcafee and the men's wargames matches because like we were talking about with kenny omega. I had a preconceived notion of what to expect. And unfortunately going into the men's war games match i did get a preconceived notion from the women's war games match. Which is my baby face of the week. 'cause holy fuck that matt slept. That match was phenomenal. The heels keeping eeo out of the ring consistently was so fucking great like finally get back in and then someone would just booed her out of the ring and then finally eeo says. Hey fuck you have a trash can. And i'm putting on my head. I'm gonna myself into all of you. That was great raquel. Gonzalez looked like an absolute east during that match. There was like yes they did. Do the thing that. I hate in war games. Which is every single time. A new person comes in the team dynamic swaps because obviously it has to but even despite that after a while. The team dynamics stopped swapping the he'll advantage started to become too strong. It just so much shit happened and there were so many near falls in a row and i was on the edge of my seat the entire time like i can't remember shots your candidates but one of them jumped off a ladder onto the other one with fuck in share on them. It was brutal. It was phenomenal. And then the men's match happened. And i got upset because i don't know i've been really on my women's read. There's two things that. I'm enjoying wrestling right now. Brutal technical shit. I lo- timothy thatcher or kushida and all women's matches and that's why like with. Aew i get upset because they have obvious. Women made events that they don't put in the main event and then this should have been the fucking main event because of everything they were bringing but they said no put pat mcafee there. Somebody just posted a picture that they got your the trash can mid air would just hurt legs dangling out and she was falling into a massive people and saying. Try to explain this photo to your friends that don't watch wrestling. Yeah it was great and then you have to explain the great sauce. Gay and i'm fucking jumping out of a barrel office shit. You basically just have to look at it and be like do. Japanese people are fucking crazy. Also speak in a fucking crazy shots. He's new tank. Fires real missile decided to fire a missile. It didn't think their team would lose. How do you have the blues..

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