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Rogun show right here on seven twenty WGN. Yes, it is. If you were and still are listening to us on the web. You know, what happened? If you're listening to baseball game bad day for the socks. I guess that's the only way it really looking at it. But but day for us. Right. And it's very eye opening. So if you'd like to join us during the web, you never know I would just promise you this. What the web show today was was different than any show ever done on this radio station, except when Milt Rosenberg did LSD nine hundred sixty. Got to go back to that as an experiment that was like a whole thing that that happened. Really really really if he was he was interviewing the mayor of New Mexico at the time when that happened that really happens that Ted. All right. Let's do this. Let's just coming back right now. I I would like to check in on things for Sola tapping in the newsroom at the top of the hour. Kim. Road. Donald Trump junior makes a deal to testify before the Senate intelligence committee. All right. That's that's going to be what that's going to be. All right. We're going to do that. We'll do traffic coming up in just a few minutes right now, we have una program. Hold on to look ahead here. Don't worry. I'm not nervous. Like, we just got busted. This feels like I just got pulled over and everybody in the back seat is high. I'm trying to be cool in front of the cops while I'm driving the car was anti anxiety. We might have experimented with CBD's spray during the web show. To see what the effective be once. We got back on the radio, and I can't tell if I'm having or I'm just having an exiled moment. I just don't know which one it is. But coming up in the program, I'm reading this now directly from the script zombie raccoons. What you need to know coming up in the six o'clock hour. All right. One of going to do here. Now. I I told her bosses I said, you know, when we when we start from the web, and that we had back to the radio. There is a transition period. There is it does need to get affected. We need some time to actually move back into the real broadcast moment, especially after what has happened. I would like to say that I do. Now believe the CD oil has has incredible. Effect on an ability to relax. That's all. I'm gonna say. And it makes Kevin just start giggling. Which is sort of its own problem. Okay. Lawrence. Did you a favor because we're all in the studio now to go back to get your traffic. So we can do your traffic transition back into what we're doing traffic right ago. I don't have it on me that don't just bring the traffic with me every should. So go back there and get that. And then we'll wait for you to get back into position. And then we'll do the traffic, and then we'll come back, and we'll start the show in earnest, and I'll try to explain to our bosses. Exactly what happened and why why Kevin's expense report? Cheap. This month is going to have all these different things that he just bought at a at a. Like, a mini mart and many Mark. He has expense. Cool ranch. Doritos? Yes. All right. And if people are like, what am I listening to? I don't know what the hell this is what what is this WGN? What are they doing? All right. So are we stalling to get Lauren? Time. Hand up your time around slowly handing candied everybody. That's what we're doing. We're just doing a little bit of stalling. Also, if you missed earlier what we talked to Crain's Chicago visits about how this all started. That is that was weird. We were talking to Crain's Chicago business about the recreational marijuana Bill. It's apparently going through a bunch of different iterations. It's hitting a little bit of a snag because of the growing piece of it all five plants per adult per household seems that there's some opposition over that. But they only have a few weeks for this legislative session. And we had thought that there would be some kind of recreational marijuana Bill passed it's five hundred and fifty two pages. So who can read all know who wrote that and that seems like enough for somebody to find something they don't like. But who knows pretty close? We should know pretty soon. If it passes are not, right. But there's a lot of the a lot of stuff out of it. Because growing in your house, and your bathtub and stuff, you're gonna have five plants and people are just gonna be selling it to their neighbors. And they thought that was going to be a problem. They don't have a license to do it who's authorized to sell it or not it just gets to be a little difficult to police. All right. So they're trying to retool the Bill with the hopes that they'll get the support. And the seems as they may have the support but not much time to get past. All right, right. Lauren. To have the WGN traffic in front of you do shortened version for him. Very well, there's now an accident outbound on the Dan Ryan blocking the center lane at seventy I and we are also seeing an accident outbound on the Kennedy blocking two left lanes at Irving park Nissim volt in motorcycle details coming up for personalized traffic on demand. Get Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search T R A F F I X, Chicago. I'm more from the traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly..

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