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It's dialed in Detroit will cannot drew Kellogg's side with you you're a gorgeous Saturday evening in the city of Detroit the weather's been press each over the last couple of weeks I'm loving loving what mother nature is doing in the great state of Michigan right now true cal what's going on brother nothing much a beautiful day in Detroit Michigan to say the least really a beautiful week in Detroit Michigan absolutely I you know what here's the only problem that I have right now around Michigan the construction is awful India like I I take seventy five to get here every day and it is down to two lanes and all the semis are going all across the road people don't know how to drive constructions everywhere and my usual I would say thirty to thirty five minute commute is our our it it's painful it's disgusting we had that we had to start shaping things up here what what like seventy five either try to make it work six lanes or something crazy and it was four lanes why is this process taking like three years to get through folks is it just me or is it on your mind as well eight hundred ninety three ninety three eighty five is our phone number let's hope to Frazier and speak with her to the patriots were not hurt how you doing you know before I make my comment on on Major League Baseball let me just tell JJ that Tigers former shortstop Jose Iglesias is on the Baltimore Orioles and they have a quite a young team chance Sisco a young catcher they've got some players you may hear about the future hunter Albert all how about Richie Martin Ronaldo Nunez infielders real rule as of course he's not going to know these names these are not household names there are rebuilding and they help build Austin Hays treatment sini was injured but he may be ready by the time we finally get the season going he's a good player they've got a building team and and they need some pitching they've got some good infielders and they need pitching in the tiger they have the pitching remaining updating and I thought that draft was very well I mean the guy a great hitter in Anna the guy from Arizona state there Torkelson athlete portals is gonna be a home run hitter in any park they say so yeah I'm looking forward to him and it won't be too far away from making the major league team you know you from then in college I don't see where he'll have to be in the minors very long yeah and then they pick up the catcher from Ohio state was good I have a nice future in the end that means they're not rely in Rogers at the moment Kirk I was super high end on on Jake Rogers coming up from the farm system because all you read about was Jake Rogers is the future of the program but when he got up here is that the power was spotty you couldn't put the ball in play and you know the work behind the dish needs some work but if I had to answer that question and looking at the draft I don't think they're super high and Jake Rogers well it is I know it can't just take a longer time to get to the majors and then other position so it could be that you know they're just looking for the future to this good ballplayer that the schedule they picked up he was supposed to go into the first round in the government thirty expect yeah that's very good pick you know regardless of whether Rodgers makes it or not they've got a great ball player in their hands here and you know I thought they did what they had to do to get some young infielders in in a couple of buildings the sky cobra I mean he's not Miguel Cabrera but did Daniel Cabrera he may be the left fielder right fielder of the future because Kristen Stewart hasn't panned out either like we pulled yeah no no big bat that we've had in our farm system is really really fanned out I thought Stewart was gonna be an animal member his box go ahead was a grand slam in Toronto on opening day last year and I was like this guy is so special and he can't run he can't throw he can't play the field now it is a question mark and that's why they went for all hitters because there is so many question marks and that declared the god for Berliner haven't panned out and got to the majors yet not Franklin presents been injured Rodgers is been up a little bit of disappointment yeah and the other guy was infielder some sort anyway as far as the season going I really think that they're waiting they're not that far apart now first it was a hundred fourteen games of fifty games now it's sixteen seventy games apart there only a few games apart and it's it's a little things that better hold it up so I think that the there were there were don't let the clock run down because they know the only thing they need to do to get this year is to the playoffs that's where all the money's going to be made for the owners on these he contracts with these TVS ESPN and I think there's one other I'm forgetting boxes of course back anyway those are a lot of money on those TV contract they gotta get playoff baseball and to make any money on them and the players know that to the players just want to get their salary because they're taking a risk of be in it getting infected so there's probably not going to be any fan so they're not gonna make a lot of money but they want to get that TV revenue for those playoff games so I think they're likely to wait another month and still come to a fifty game season and get their pro rated pay for those fifty games and get to the playoffs and that's what's going to happen yeah the less games they play the lower risk of being injured getting the virus yeah I'm hoping that we're gonna have a season I know that the MLB has made an official statement that if they were to scrap a season together and and let's say fifty or seventy games are so that's what we're shooting for is that the players will get full salary so that the players wanted the players get what they wanted but now let's look at the H. in National League for the next two years that's fifty more jobs for the for the players now they're going to expand the roster is the thirty at the start and end and we're gonna keep two extra players for the whole season so they're getting more jobs it's so the union is making up pretty good except that you know they lost half a season to the virus that there's nothing the owners could do about that so I think they're very close in agreement they're just nobody wants to be the one that look like they got pushed over and hit in the agreement yeah but I want to look like they lost yeah so I think now they're they're getting closer to you know compromise.

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