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Can make it work. He can say, you can say word, so I would assume so. Yeah, so that's a start. So we can do some stuff. But one person who probably is not quite as well suited, moving on, pyramid head, AKA the red triangle from Silent Hill two, who not only doesn't have lips that I'm aware of, also just doesn't have facial features, just a none that you can see at least. Just a big, yeah. And I mean, really, again, have long blond hair underneath that. I don't know. To be fair, there is an air of mystery underneath that triangle. That some people, that some people might be into. Yeah, keeping with the survival horror theme, this is actually a recent one. Clickers, you know, the infected cordyceps people from the last of us. We are you could probably look at them from the game and be like, that is nobody should do any kissing with that. And then we got it in the show. There we go. Got it in the show. We got the light we saw that works. And you know what? Like I said, I don't know if I said it on the show before. It's kind of like a Shrek Fiona kind of thing. Just a little bit of magic that happened between us. I really wish we could just get one piece of media that doesn't involve you comparing it to Shrek. It's just, I feel like it keeps happening. You know what? I'm not even that they would be Shrek in this situation, by the way. The test would be Shrek. I think. She truly is the Shrek of last of us. No, no, I guess Shrek would be the clicker because I don't know. Okay, so I think we can just apply sort of blanket logic here as far as kissing goes probably for the most part, good rule of thumb if they're an enemy in a survival horror game, probably not a great kisser. So let's just probably avoid this. Survival horror games in general should not be kissing. I'm kind of into this one though. Stop showing this picture, show the down and I think this is awoken something in me. What is that? Something clicked. It's something you can head on down to the Safeway. Stop showing the mushroom kissing. It looks like that looks like a boudoir shot. That's oh boy. So yeah, no, just no survival horror enemies. Let's do that. And I'm gonna go ahead and say that also includes lady dimitris, she's very pretty lady. I think some people on the computer want to kiss her according to the drawings they did that show up in my search engine. No, she's too tall. She's too tall. She's too tall. And I say this as someone who's already too tall. When I married my beautiful wife, we had to have a little step stool that she stood on to give me a smooch at the altar. Aw. This true story. Adorable. How tall is lady Demi? She's like 9 feet. 9 foot 6. Which is the reverse sex number, I think. It's pretty tall. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah. I mean, if she had to like crouch down for me, maybe that'd be cool. Well, so she's got a big Freddy Krueger leaf rake hands, so she's probably trying to kill you anyway. So let's just, you know, let's rule her out or whatever you can kiss her. I don't care. I'm not your boss. This isn't a definitive list. We got PSVR two coming and you can even get a dream come true. See how tall she is for real. Okay, I'm gonna make a bold decision here Kratos is probably not. I don't think he's a kissy man. I think, okay, he's first of all, he's angry a lot of the time. He's a very mad man. He's yells a lot. Second, he's a dad. He's probably got to take care of, you know, he's got to take care of his kids. He also has a scratchy beard. And he always eaten that hot dog soup with those trolls. So like, I don't know, maybe he's got bad breath. I don't know, just a hunch. He's gotten at least two women. He's done at least one or two kisses in his life. Yeah. And there's also in the God of War sex mini game as well. Yeah, I don't think there was much kissing going on in that mini game though. To be fair. You know what? I cut away. I imagine mostly kissing. That's what I'll say. I think they leave it to your imagination and also it's probably too hard to animate convincing kissing while also screaming with anger. Total end of the spectrum here, fall guys, fall guys, don't really look like they would be good at kissing on account of they don't have mouths, but they do, actually, we got to look at their anatomy, developer put out. The inside of so they have little mouths, but they're located behind the eye sockets. So if you're just listening to the audio of the show, I want to say that you're probably better off because you don't have to see an x-ray view of the fall guys. That is crazy. It looks like a chicken? Yeah, chicken neck. If you were to romance a fall guy, how would you go about it? Like, how would you like stuff, right? Oh, it's all butts. Okay, I was gonna say like maybe I would get like a big Valentine's heart box made of like a foam and then you open it up and there's a spring inside that like punches it in the face. It seems like something they would be into. Probably yeah, actually. That's right. I would be, it says, I'm falling for you. That's how I would do it. Now I'm going for butt stuff. Okay, anyway, let's ship. All right, let's get medieval with Dan from medieval who probably doesn't have a jaw. He doesn't have he's got he's a little bit mandibular challenged in that vicinity. Just a skull, but the upper part. But I'll tell you what, if you like, you know, chicken, drum sticks, he's your man. He's got, he's got those at the ready for you. Yeah, who doesn't love the eating ribs horizontally? That's what those teeth look like. Just really, I don't want to kiss. Wait, he has it, he has an open eye socket, though. Yes, that too. Let's check out. He's there for days. For the dudes. Not that bad, max. Okay. You got hold. There's potentials. You can just go up to that eye socket and go. Yeah. Just like that. Just blow into it. And it's a whole new thing. An eye socket. Am I allowed to say that? No. All right, let's shift. That's going to be a belief. So The Witcher, CDPR,

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