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Imagine at the finish the season with one point that would be a spectacle bar. None. All I. Yeah. Would you have Lincoln weighed? So if you could have this is just like a dumb question, but say they had like, you know. Had only gotten like five points somehow. And then you get a nine point deduction. Could you have minus points? Zero a true zero or can you did lower? I know you can have a negative goal differential were some no can you at two points tallies. Can you have negative points? Because if so. Ooh. My I suggest we start adding negative points to random aspects of the game. You get two or more writing cards over the course of a month as a team, you get a negative one point make it ruin arresting normally fucked up soccer's viewed I think we'd just ruined soccer. But imagine that like day one of the Premier Li next year some team gets them racist drug asshole. And then they started they start off the season minus nine. Get it in the community and they'd going to season minus nine. It's it's fucking born. So normally they're at the top because their names the first now for goals this. But now they're at the bottom with negative non blondes all I could be doing than ABI such shit Homa. God that'd be amazing. All right before we get into the games Martin. I just had one more little little fun stat for you. Are you ready? Leeds united. Went to the champion's league semifinal in two thousand one. This is just a reminder Martin that despite spending a combined two point five billion. Neither PS g nor man city have gone further than Leeds United in the Champions League. Fucking jokes clubs man sitting on PS, g leaders all also squirreling away their automatic promotion to the Premier League..

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