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Nine welcome to the amateur traveler. I'm your host chris christopherson. Let's talk about saba on the island of borneo. I'd like to welcome to the show. Howard stanton who is coming to us from borneo more specifically from the region of saba and howard is the owner of eco. Adventure resort in the area howard. Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me. I hope i can enlighten your listeners. To the days of coming to sabah. Well i asked around and said i was looking for people to talk about coming to borneo to the various regions of borneo. We'd get into that. There's more than one and i was told. Howard you're the guy so okay. Great to enlighten people and encourage people to come because bologna is a fantastic place. Absolutely fantastic place to come when we talk about borneo and they're being different regions so tell us a little more. What is saba versus the rest of borneo for instance so blown you third largest island in the world is actually made up of three different countries. I suppose zeus of it is the indonesian side indonesian bonia and that's like the bottom two-thirds then brunei the sultanate brunei and then me has two states on bonia one is sarah lack and then the other one is sabah. And that's where i live. I live in sabah. Sabah is roughly the size of the uk. Or i didn't realize it was that big okay or that. The uk was that small. I guess there's two ways of looking at that but this is very much and actually. That's one of the slight problems that people have is. They underestimate the size of the place. Getting one side to the other can take a whole day of traveling so when they start to plan the right tanneries they look at what they want to see and then they stopped the plan to get there but underestimate the travel time which can pull problems. If people are on a shorter schedule as it were shelter itinerary. Excellent and born obviously being close by indonesia close by malaysia. That's why they have portions of that so we're in the pacific getting closer to asia. And you're in the upper right hand corner of borneo. Why should someone come to saba war as requested. Sebah is a fantastic place is unique is thirty seven different indigenous cultures..

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