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By guest today's David Linden a professor of the Department of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His lap because what forbidding use the cellular. Memory storage recovery of function after brain injury at a few other topics. He's the author of full bestselling books on the biology of behavior for the general audience. His most recent book is unique the science of human individuality. Doklam David. Thank you for having me on. Sure. Yeah. So the topic of conversation is your most recent book that just came out. And it's simple. Human individuality. Then I think about humans David. I see eight point three billion people around the world we see do sorta micro segmented ourselves into. An ideal buckets by skin color by language by country be have looted leaders of great democracies reminding us VR in in different buckets. At all the time. So what do you mean by human individuality? Well, what I really mean is all the traits physical. behaviorally emotional cognitive that you can describe about a person them away that I began to think about this. This is about five years ago when I found myself single midlife and I did as people do these days and. I went to an online dating website and I was reading the profiles trying to find woman who I might want to have a conversation with. And worked out very well I met a woman who became my wife She's wonderful. Happy ending. But You know the Nerdy side of me was reading the list of traits that people have their used to describe themselves and wondering how they come about. So you know someone might say, well, I'm five foot eleven and I'm bisexual and I have a Boston accents and I like a bitter beer, but I don't like white chocolate and. I tend to be a risk taker, and so I started thinking well Gosh. How do these traits that make her an individual? Come about. So that's how it all got started. Okay, okay and so So so we'll get into the book in detail, and so you know then I think about sort of human individuality. Yeah..

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