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Also this hour the competition to get into elite colleges is intense, but is going to top school really have any effect on what you'll earn later in life. And we'll talk to the brother of an American citizen who's been detained in Russia on allegations of espionage. It is Thursday January third danika mckellar who played Winnie Cooper on. The wonder years is forty four today. And the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm deal. Willman? Democrats are set to take over the house as the new congress convenes on Capitol Hill this afternoon NPR's Windsor Johnson reports that one of the first orders of business is a vote on a legislative package that would end the partial government shutdown which is now in its thirteenth day. Congressional Democrats and President Trump remain at an impasse over border security. Trump is not budging on his five billion dollar demand for a border wall with Mexico and Democrats are still refusing to fund it speaking on NBC this morning house speaker elect Nancy Pelosi said negotiations with Trump have been difficult negotiating with someone. You have to know stipulate to some fact, it's hard to do that with the president because he was science evidence. Data truths. It's hard to pin. The president down on the facts, the house is set to vote on a legislative package today that would reopen the government, but it does not include money for. A border wall Windsor Johnston. NPR news, Washington, the Italian foreign ministry says it knows nothing of reports that a North Korean diplomat has defected and is seeking asylum in the west NPR, Sylvia. Pohjola reports that is acting ambassador to Italy. The diplomats term had ended in late November reports that Joe song Gill had defected were first revealed in a briefing for lawmakers in Seoul by the South Korean spy agency. They claim Joe and his wife let their official residence in Rome in early November the forty eight year old diplomat became acting ambassador after Italy expelled the top diplomat in October two thousand seventeen to protest a North Korean nuclear test. Italian media report that the foreign ministry in Rome said Joe has not requested asylum in Italy and denies he's in protected hiding the last senior North Korean diplomat known to have defected was a former minister at the North Korean embassy in London in two thousand sixteen so people Jolie NPR news row science. I know that an early earthquake warning could save lives it could allow people to protect themselves or even leave buildings that might collapse. Now, a new app may offer as much as a minute of warning the people who live in Los Angeles County, we cannot predict quakes, but we can tell you enter quake has in his on its way to you Caltech seismologist, Tom Heaton, says the app could also give cities enough time to stop trains or shutdown gaslines suspects in the slaying of Washington Post columnist Jamal kashogi appeared in court for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for at least five of the suspects. A Chinese space probe is made the first ever landing on the far side of the moon. The four lunar probe was launched in December. China's Space Administration officials say the probe transmitted the first ever close range image of that portion of the moon, the moon rotates at the same rate as orbits our planet. So the far side is never visible from earth. On Wall Street. The Dow is down six hundred points. This is NPR. News from news. I'm Brian watt. PGE says the deadliest of the twenty seventeen north bay wildfires the tubs fire may be connected to unlicensed electrical work on a private power line. Dan, Brekke explains the tubs fire killed twenty two people and destroyed more than five thousand residences, mostly in Santa Rosa. But fifteen months later Cal fire is still investigating in a new court. Filing. PG any says unlicensed and unprompted work on a privately owned power line outside a calistoga area. Home may have touched off the fire. PG niece has some of that information comes from witness testimony taking lawsuits filed after the tubs fire the company. Also cites evidence that its own equipment was not involved in igniting the wildfire which at the time was the most destructive in state history. I'm Dan Brekke cake, news, rain and snow should return to northern California this weekend. And none too soon cake science editor. Craig Miller says California's frozen reservoir is lagging behind as the new year begins today is the first of five monthly manual surveys of the state conducts each winter, and what they're likely to find is a Sierra snowpack right around two thirds of the long term average for early January so-called midwinter dry spell's are common feature in California. But here's where water managers start to get a little nervous as the state gets the lion's share of its annual precipitation in just three months, December through February. And December is now behind us still there's a lot of winter to go and history has shown that things can change dramatically in a short time with a couple of major storms..

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