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The need to get back home to do the business and so it really is I think psychologically it's a bridge that a lot of people don't want to talk about because we're comfortable talking about these things but it is holding them back from certain kinds of behavior we didn't see it in big wide open spaces drive in movie theaters before the re opening they're having to figure out how many people can queue up for the bathroom and we're we're going to put those people and people are hiring extra staff to have a very obvious presence of people clean at all times that's just kind of a psychological bomb if you will but it's helpful because people are anxious to speak with mark Fisher senior editor at The Washington Post is pieces called why public bathrooms are a stumbling block for re opening your reference to that at least some businesses are considering like the these no door entries that you might see in what an airport right yeah yeah those kind of S. shaped entrance where you wind your way in because people don't want to touch those public doors they don't want to touch surfaces that other people have touched up particularly when their hands are pressed wet and just cleaned so what we're seeing that people are removing some of the doors when that's feasible were public bathrooms and they're also as you said there you go eliminating some of the urinals and stalls if you're seeing that some sinks are being taped off to create that distance thing but there are there are some very expensive ways of fixing this little ball wholesale renovation and their companies out there that are being swamped with requests from business owners to do that but I think more commonly you're going to see these very quick fixes of tipping off certain areas and the clothes lines down on the floor street so that people know to keep that far apart from each other well you know all the all the sudden these these energy efficient soup a powerful hand dryers they don't require a wasteful paper towels are are on the outs because they can blow stuff around is that the thinking those are perfect germ spreaders and there were people who shied away from them even before the virus came along but now you're seeing a whole cell movement away from them in a return to good old fashioned paper towels thanks mark mark Fisher senior editor at The Washington Post thirteen minutes now after the hour.

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