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Territories in gaza and the west bank is continuing on up and if countries are encouraged if the wave of unrest is you piss this does and then other countries decide to move embassies what do you think that means for the position of jerusalem and what it says about jerusalem's future the american decision to move the embassy to jerusalem is a huge victory for israel diplo's you because it runs against all previous resolutions international resolutions on jerusalem and in fact it's crashing the idea of two states in no wonder there was such a palestinian protest because the palestinians know that it's not only a big victory for israeli to defeat for them former israeli ambassador talking to me earlier there are hundreds and thousands of palestinians in lebanon their lives are not easy they can't get citizenship and they faced a host of other problems tuesday was nakba day when palestinians remember those who were displaced by the israeli declaration of independence in one thousand nine hundred forty eight our correspondent palmos spent it there in the berge name refugee camp hearing the thoughts of just some of those who've made their they had strung up a few extra palestinian flags in alberta refugee camp tucked between the spider web of electrical cables which dangle alarmingly over its dusty narrow streets and an occasional car pass through with nationalist songs blaring from its overburdened speakers this refugee camp is not a happy place at the best of times jobs are scarce living conditions rough and today's anniversary of the moment when israel was officially created provided just another opportunity for the camps palestinian inhabitants to talk about the place they still call home it's very bad taste plus we think about our country our land why why we live this very bad living of palestinians i'm very sad and i want to back to palestine how old are you i'm fifteen years old you're fifteen but as far as you're concerned palestine is your country you were born and brought up in lebanon my grandfather and my grandmother talk about it and my parents didn't see it but they still love it and want to back to us they call this place bush a barrage name refugee camp but of.

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