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The constitution and rewriting the constitution he wants it rewritten such the he is the imperial dictator of venezuela now argentina colombia peru panama and the united states it they would not recognize sunday's vote ten people will kill yesterday the country is in total chaos and the only thing that we only leverage that we have as a country is additional sanctions which is to deny getting or from venezuela which is it's only natural asset that sad see i continue to remind you about venezuela folks because that's what happens over time if you take power away from the people and put it in the hands of beer friends will not at the point where we have the chaos of the venezuelan put little by little little by little people in this country but trant to steal government of the people government by the people and government for the vote we're not gonna let it slip away on our watch eight seven seven three one zero a one hundred you listen to herman cane joe rapid fire coming up there is hope but merrick here's richard li with another story of america's face the journal of america is not democracy our system of government is technically a federal constitutional republic this means that each state and the republic governs itself having their own individual constitution all fifty states acknowledge god or a higher power somewhere in their text for example in massachusetts preamble their constitution it acknowledges quote with grateful hearts the goodness of the great legislator of the universe and affording us in the course of his providence and upper generally and devoutly imploring his direction and quote praise be to god stories of america's faith has been sponsored by carry full this is atlanta's 24hour news weather and.

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