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You till nine o'clock on WTMJ. Happy to have you along here. Welcome to the weekend. It's going to be a little more football focus this hour as we do our annual Super Bowl prop bets coming up a little bit later. Also, a Friday feature that will bring back the week that was some of the more memorable comments discussions and interview guests we had for the week that was here on sports central mixed in or some great Milwaukee Bucks highlights from a pair of wins. That's coming up at seven thirty three tonight. Four one four seven nine nine one six twenty is the academic mortgage, talk and text line. We'll take your calls here. Open them up past and we'll feel them and before we get into our Super Bowl discussion. Julius peppers is retiring after seventeen seasons in the NFL that announcement was made by Julius earlier this morning. And I thought it was interesting in the post that was shared across the Interweb. He had a shout out to Green Bay that at Green Bay felt like home that he believed in the fans the fans felt the same sort of love affair with Julius peppers. He felt it in Green Bay, great place all football. And you really enjoyed his time in Green Bay that came to an end. Prior to the start of the two thousand seventeen twenty eighteen season. This was the Packers decision. They decided to move on from Julius peppers much. Like they did under Ted Thompson. With veterans such as Charles Woodson chose not to sign mica. Hi, Casey Hayward, some popular players. Some a little older than others. And then more recently Brian good chose to walk away from Jordy Nelson. So if I were giving you your pick Ashton throw it out to you as well. If you could only have one of those guys Charles Woodson, Julius peppers or Jordy Nelson. Who would you pick? Who would be the guy that you would have kept. You could only pick one. Four one four seven nine nine one six twenty. We'll spend a little time with this thought the accurate mortgage talk and text line when the Packers decided to move on from Julius peppers. It was at a time. They had clay Matthews. They had Nick Perry. Both were oft injured. They had a young and really unproven Cuyler fac role believe Vince beagle was a draft pick. Okay. That's what you're gonna roll with. I was not for. The walking away from Julius peppers. I was certainly not for the walking away of Charles Woodson about the Packers safety position is still not yet recovered in full. But that was sort of the Packers way to try and get a little younger to try and save a little bit of money. And just hope that that drafted developed program would kick in and those draft picks would be what you thought they were when you selected them on draft day at the not turn out to be the case and Julius peppers went onto Carolina. Pretty good in his final two seasons in the league years sixteen and seventeen. He was still doing it. Now, I have no idea what would have happened to Julius peppers heading not been able to sign with Carolina. What are you just hung it up? I don't know. I'm sure there would have better team or two interested in Julius peppers. I don't know how interested Julius peppers would have been in joining said team. I think there was interested in signing Donald driver around the league gravity decided. No. He wanted to go out of his the Packer legacy means something to Donald driver. That was the route he chose. I don't know how much playing time there would have been anywhere else. But yeah, I I would believe that Donald driver could have been in a camp. The summer after he decided to retire. But who would you have picked? Four one four seven nine nine one six twenty Dino in Grafton, you're on WTMJ. Hello, dino. Hey, how you doing tonight? Great. Thanks. I would have to say without a doubt. I was most annoyed by Ted Tom leading see would go so intelligent. And the way he broke down film with the other players. I'm hoping maybe somewhere down the road. We can pry Mata the cushy broadcasting. Yeah. Booth studio getting back here and have secondary coach. It'd be interesting. I don't know that Charles Woodson has any designs of coaching. I don't know that to be the case one way or the other. I'm leaning toward defense on this. I would have kept peppers. I would've kept Woodson. I didn't love let it go Jordy Nelson. But I totally understood it. It made a little more sense to me, I guess than the others. Put this defense is just not rebounded. Right. There are some moments following the Super Bowl year that looked like they had it. In fact, I think the the NFC championship debacle against Seattle. That was the best defense. The Packers have had since they're Super Bowl win. Remember the Super Bowl win. The Packers were the second. Best scoring defense in the NFL like the tenth best offense in the NFL. That was more about the defense. And it was the offense. Even though Aaron Rodgers was spectacular. It was still a wildcard team. I mean, it was not like they just blew the doors off everybody. But the next best defense the Packers had following that Super Bowl year was with Julius peppers doing his damage. His lasting legacy will be in Green Bay was only a few seasons. And I know some people will point to Julius peppers telling Morgan Burnett to slide after an interception in the NFC championship game where brunette probably could have run it back to at least a red zone territory. But if you want to focus on that might I point out that the Packers may not have even played in that game. If it were not for Julius peppers knocking the ball free from DeMarco Murray in the game that is more commonly known for was it a catch by Dez Bryant. Or was it not a catch by desk? Bryant spoiler alert. It was a catch. I still believe it was a catch. But I remember DeMarco Murray would still be running. He would still be running Julius peppers. Not knocked that Paul Frey in amazing. Played a critical time. It seemed like peppers had that he had that ability. I think Woodson did to a degree as well. If the defensive player of the year that guy was all over the place. You didn't really have a position he was everywhere. What interesting conversation I had with Julius peppers in the locker room. This was his final year in Green Bay. He was on kind of a pitch count. He was not being used the way that he wanted to be used and that was very clear and talking to Julius peppers. And the idea was, hey, let's keep them fresh. He wasn't practicing as much got to keep them fresh. That was the thought process. Yeah. But the conversation I had with Julius peppers. He didn't talk a lot. But every time I spoke at Julius peppers. I found it to be very interesting. You said I spent a lot of time in a given game setting up the left tackle or right tackle. I spent a lot of time trying to figure them out. And by the time the fourth quarter comes around. I've got them figured out. And I know what I need to do to beat them and any provides a move. They hadn't seen. He was a classic set up artist. But his final season in Green Bay. He didn't have those opportunities. All three players were outstanding members of the Green Bay Packers. I don't think either one of them stayed as long as they probably should. But was the one that sticks out the most to you, David Kenosha WTMJ? Hello, dave. Hey, how are you? I think they should've kept all of them within the context because the public was led to believe that they wanted to go home to finish their careers. They wanted. Charles Woodson wanted to go to Oakland, Julius peppers wanted to go home to Carolina and Geordie. Well, you've gotta keep Jordi at least one more year. At least where we ended up my opinion Jordi wanted to come back to Green Bay Mike McCarthy wanted Georgie to combat to Green Bay. I know that for a fact David, and you're right there was that. Oh, it's a homecoming. Charles Woodson goes back to Oakland and Julius peppers goes back to Carolina Julius wanted to come back to Green Bay. I'm pretty sure Charles Woodson did as well. I'm sure to both of them to a degree. It felt like unfinished business in the chance to win was still there in Green Bay. Remains to be seen. Just what kind of general manager Brian Gouda? Coon says we've got a a sample size of about a year some hits and misses along the way as you might expect aggressiveness on draft day, which is nice to see playing the free agent market. That's great. But he also decided to get rid of Georgia. That was one of the first big moves. He made all of that you endear yourself to the fan base by doing such a thing. But again, how concerned about the fan base are you if you're a general manager of team? Got to turn off what's going on on the outside? I understand that. I would have liked to see all three continuing Green Bay, George. He's got another year in his contract. I don't know. That he's gonna play beyond that in conversations. I've had with him. But I missed Julius peppers in that locker room and we're David balked Yaris talking about lack of accountability after the coaching change. Guys, like Julius guys like Charles Woodson. You've never heard about that kind of stuff maybe because there was more winning going on. And there wasn't a coaching change. But those are the kind of guys that kept the accountability train on the track. I miss them both in Green Bay absolutely Super Bowl. Fifty three set for Sunday. Who do you got who? Do you want? And what's the most popular snack in every state for Super Bowl Sunday? Oh, yeah. All that more coming up on sports central this week on WTMJ. 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