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Because everyone and we do a talk show where everybody thinks they know what the NIL is meant to every sport. How do you navigate that and how different I realize you're in basketball, we talk you hear anion on football on a constant basis. What is it like doing in that space right now? It's challenging. You know, I think all the unknowns is what makes it challenging. There's no, there's no governors on this market. It's an unregulated market. There's a lot of different ways to look at it. And we as coaches can procure these deals for these young men. So that makes it really, really challenging because it's an important piece in the recruiting process. For a lot of these student athletes that are figuring out where they want to go. So my message to my staff is to try to just educate ourselves as best as we can, be resources for the student athletes through the recruiting process. Grateful to be at a place like Florida where Gainesville is a great market, a place that really wants to support their student athletes when given the opportunity. And we're just going to try to be ahead of it the best we can. And hopefully over the next year or two, there is a little more regulation. So we have a little more information when trying to make these pretty important decisions. I won't ask you, I will ask you to hold your breath on the regulation. Trust me, I know. But I can't tell you how much fun this has been to get a chance to let you meet a few more people. I know you've done this many, many times since landing in Florida, but we've enjoyed saying hello and hopefully a long stay here at Nashville. I appreciate you having me on and it's great to meet you in person, my man. Thank you very much. Scott golden. No longer the new coach, but I'm going to keep saying that at least until this tournament is over at the university of Florida. We'll take a short break. We're back to Nashville after this. You were listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Hey, we're back at Nashville as inching closer to the official beginning of the SEC tournament a couple of news items to pass along. Jim behaim, 47 years as Syracuse's head coach, a national championship and numerous final fours. In constant bickering with the media is over, dis announced that he has gone and will finally retire. Long overdue.

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