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Lockdown the room on weekends he is your back to show periods or performance lie ride you know i'm going to start the cleveland cavaliers they had a team meeting bae clear the earns tuesday and then got the briggs be north of the next night it gives the indiana pacers on wednesday but i know it's early and people are still gonna believe the cleveland cavaliers but what is up with this team so far well it anything a little leblanc without delay and shape in the beginning of the team pickering thing that out in you know you you've just got rid of kyran you've got a a wholly new players were you got play the guy with the privilege and the guy go to work at order getting their their minute yet mccue you oldie laboratory the other guy i little you know wade it's still cut a gig names shaved you know jay our outdoor tho aldaudi cleveland right now all in it'll work in kuwait out i it's good cobb to have to look out on a p louis home but any time you have a look john james even eagerly could thing together at the right car in the middle needed i'm glad you mentioned that because we know this is all going to sooner around the brian james uneven people close to him including maverick carter says whatever he decides did you have to do to be based on wins and losses there's not a personality there believes that queen is not going two of least the eastern conference finals but if they don't what could that ruby made for him staying or not seeing and cleveland it would bronwyn two championship here it'd be window championship next year i would still be for prague he's not a los angeles laker really luke kuhn blood's going on in la there's there's too much climate you see luong ueki lonzo you keep it big voller grabbed a ucla there's everything going on in la look look good spokesman stephen about the next ten years do you think about a legacy you're not going to have that legacy and cleveland he gonna look angeles in a changing everything at he got the puckett excu and he was in carolyn curry already left her car read a guy.

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