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Sean hannity zia's information on and more golden spires america the the focus on iran i want to focus on other things i don't want to focus on fixing somebody's back or the knee or something let the states to that the state should so the block grand concept is is a very good concept and if you had good management could governor good politicians and the state it'll be phenomenal if he had dealt it's like everything else so we are i could almost say we are just about their in terms of the vote so i expect to be getting healthcare improve but up disappointed i thought that when i ran and i've been here like him for seven years repeal and replace repair for seven years i was a civilian i was thinking about doing this i was doing my niche buildings all over and i was leading a very nice life believe me and then i decided in and so for two years i've been saying we're going to repeal and replace that's what's going to happen we will repeal and replace but i thought that when i got to the oval office i would have a bell setting on my desk repeal and replace a beautiful healthcare bill and it didn't happen but me member it didn't happen because of a lot of republicans it didn't it hear that happened that horrible thing happened because of a few people really a few people and the problem we have as we have fifty two senators and they have to get rid of the just absolutely crazy voting we you need sixty that it's called the filibuster wants a disaster okay it's a disaster for the republicans they have to get rid of it if they don't get rid of it it's just a death sentence and we should go back to a majority and we'll get the votes one after another but final question in the tax package is it possible rather than wrap it all into one great big bill will the gives every want an excuse to not vote ford ceo on for ninety nine of one hundred things right well it possibly be done alicarte where each piece of.

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