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Thirty eight jazz. And that's way too low way way way too low an exceptionally low res at thirty seven. Bloody fucking hell and no disrespect. I think maria is great but the women who are on that heart lower lower than her. On this it's ridiculous ny. Jacks that thirty six nyah. Jax is at thirty six above amber moon. Jazz legend of the business jazz bianca bellairs at thirty five carmella at thirty four. Gail kim is at thirty three gail kim very low on the list but the fact that. Wwe mentioned her at all is an accomplishment in about itself. Jacqueline is at number thirty two. I think that's also too low. Thirty one kyri sane Naomi's thirty bull nakano at twenty nine ivory at twenty eight molina at twenty-seven molina twenty seven. Okay sure nikki and brie bella at twenty six now. I think this is a problem for me. I'm not the biggest bellas fan. I really am. Not but i think it's really shitty that put them as a tag team that the put them both together. Nikki has nikki's been divas champion multiple times and on top of that nikki. Nikki had a much more prolific singles career than brie and nikki is the better wrestler. Then bree it's it's it's so weird it's weird to me. Why would you and then on shut. Did you guys see the picture that they tweeted out the. Wwe network on their official again. I'm sure you've seen the picture with the the. The bella twins are at number number twenty six and then they take a picture of the bella twins except that it's instead of having nikki and brie. It's two pictures of brie cheese. Brie bella that'd be really funny was like mc nikki and a slice of breathe. That would also have been really funny. He'll sure is at twenty five luna sean twenty four. I'm a little. I'm surprised that they put luna so high. A pleasantly surprised. Stephanie mcmahon at twenty three..

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