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Com today, alleging that I am running the country that I could add the shutdown that I am responsible for it. I mean, we're the week four of this now, and there's even more evidence. But I want to get started on the phones and get that done in the first hour today. Becky in Tucson your next. It's great to have you high. Hi, how are you today? Good today. Thank you very much. I want to talk to you about is. I heard what you said yesterday about the president's saying strong. I totally agree with you. The state of the union. It's his right. It's the most important thing he can do to the nation the constitution, and some of the things I think he should do in it. Have every congressman member all Republicans there, but he shouldn't fight the most important Americans his debt speech, all angel families legal aliens military, family members who have lost children because of the drugs, small business owners faith, ministers increased rabbis, those are the most important people that should be at that meeting or so, so wait a minute. That's a lot of people Becky Becca. It's a lot of people. Where were you think this speech needs to happen, worship take place? Oh, we don't need the Democrats there. We can just back with the people that are Americans. Why you're going to need a stadium for this over the number of people that you want to be there. Why not? Well, I'm not I'm not saying why not, but you have a place in mind or you just think anywhere chump. I just think that I know they get to invite people to when they do the state of the union speech. I think the most important people they should be inviting is the American people. Are the most important people? Well, that's a good point in time magazine said that they are the most they were the people who are journalists were were where people of the year about this. Mark meadows who is a congressman Republican North Carolina. A tweeted yesterday that Pelosi invited you hear about this policy already invited Trump to do the Steve the union back in January second or third. And of course, the drive bys are not reporting that, but she's already invited him. Now, she's were sending the nation. Under the guise. There isn't security if there's not sufficient security to why is the house open now. I mean, they're conducting business in the house of representatives. Now, which is where the state of the union show is. And the homeland security director cures Jin Nielsen's. Don't sweat it. We can secure in a place shut down or no shutdown. This is pure power politics. This is Pelosi essentially, treating Trump like he's a chump. That's all this is this is an open show of insulin. Disrespect. Because a I think she feels that genuinely it's also a a production for the rabid democrat base. Trump has options he can like like, I suggest any we can go anywhere to do this speech. And he may as well put a bunch of friendly people in the audience and take advantage of the bully pulpit that it would afford him to inform and educate people. I wouldn't do it like a rally. I would differentiate it from a from a Trump row. I I still introduce it. I'm not withdrawing my invitation to do that. I mean, if that was something that would fit. I don't know that it would. But I'm just suggesting that there's any number ways he could do this and maintain the stature that people associate with state of the union addresses or presentations, and maybe a combination of the the rally format. But I wouldn't go full-fledged rally. I would save those for what they are. Those are those are campaign things that this should be treated as a general state of the union. Here's an and then opened up and tell everybody the truth about the state of the union and tell everybody what's good, and what's bad and who's threatening us and how and why and one of the greatest objectives that we need to accomplish. And what standing in our way. Doing legitimate state of the union to go up there and do a laundry list of here's what I want to spend money on your vote is I'm going to buy your vote Nisa cancer. I'm gonna cure here. And this is the blindness Manera. Erna paralysis. I'm gonna cure next. Don't do any of that. Do a genuine legit state of the Yoda magic. We'll continue on the network..

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