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Cranston, Celtics, NBC discussed on Ron St. Pierre


Family here most the whole team and this is unthinkable for us officials say the gunmen in yesterday's shooting was an active brewery employee who had been fired earlier in the day before returning with the stolen employee name tag the fifty one year old enter the brewery with a silenced gun according to police killed five brewery workers before shooting himself the U. S. Coast Guard is suspending a search in Florida for two missing boaters from Rhode Island the Coast Guard said eighty one year old Gerald cook and his fifty five year old son Peter cook have been missing since February nineteenth the cooks were reportedly traveling from Panama City to vero beach on a fifty two foot vessel but never made it there Christopher younger frequent candidate for various offices and Rhode Island is dead and a post on Facebook yesterday his wife Carrie young says he suffered a medical event most likely a heart attack while driving crashing the family's car on route ninety five in Cranston Tuesday night the longtime political activist was headed home after testifying at a state house hearing he was fifty one his wife and daughter were also in the car they suffered minor injuries another Woodstock artifact is headed to the rock and roll hall of fame the very first stage told some of the biggest musicians in nineteen sixty nine will be donated on Tuesday the owner attended the three day festival and bought plywood panels of the stage he later started a website to sell pieces that have been recycled into necklaces and other collectibles he says the stage is like the holy grail of rock music the new jail NBC news radio news radio nine twenty and one or four seven FM sports the Celtics slip past the jazz one fourteen to one of three and you tell in spring training the red Sox beat the pirates sixty three and.

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Cranston, Celtics, NBC discussed on Ron St. Pierre

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