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For the community we don't want one technique to be a symbol of injustice that San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer the carotid restraint is controversial it involves putting pressure on to vascular veins to temporarily cut off oxygen to the brain Steve Futterman CBS news Los Angeles some races in Indiana's primary election are decided others depend on counting a large number of male invokes a virus delayed primary saw large numbers voting by mail about a half million and long lines at some polling places difficulty recruiting poll workers led to dramatically fewer polling places in some areas in Marion County that's where Indianapolis is there were twenty two polling places down from the normal two hundred seventy Lake County near Chicago had two hundred polling places and long wait seen elsewhere we're not as big an issue the closely watched race to replace retiring congressman Pete Visclosky has been settled Democrat Frank merman hand picked by Visclosky and backed by the steel workers was the top vote getter in a large field that included Hammond mayor Thomas McDermott van will face Republican mark laver who lost the Visclosky in the past Mike Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM get a check of some low gas prices also traffic and weather together on the H. the latest on the situation on three fifty five all lanes closed because of a propane truck on fire that and I on veterans all of that just ahead WBBM news time ten thirty six money with the progress of home and auto bundle so I finally bought that new set of golf clubs this.

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