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Game from Monday night. That's your Chicago Bears on marquee sports network Wednesday at seven o'clock. Every time you close your laptop, A Corona gets its line and every time your to do list just to do one less thing, Corona gets its line every time you press pause. Every time you unwind or lose track of time, A Corona gets its line. And every time you feed her up by the sun goes down a Corona gets its line to drop a line in and find your beach. Please drink responsibly. Corona Extra beer imported by Crown imports. Chicago, Illinois. You can't afford a mistake. You can't afford something to be overlooked. Hi, I'm David Spade. A legal issues can literally change your whole life. Don't you want the right team representing you? Whether it's personal injury worker's cap troubled traffic tickets? I can help call me today it 8477 to 9 C o M p. That's 8477 to 9 26 67 or visit injury in Illinois dot com. It's injury in Illinois dot com. Spade of Block offices get help. Get results Leases Keyshawn She Williams in stupid Captain G harder in the on deck circle. They started seven on ESPN 1000 and streaming on the ESPN Chicago Act. John Johnson, J. Williams and Zubin Mahanta, where they're not rumors circling around about whether the Rams we're gonna bench Jericho off. No, that's just he's not. He's not, However better season. They call them married bitches not having a better season and collar Murray. Goes with fellas going at it last week way are presented by progressive insurance..

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