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Dodger black moore what's your take on lowering the barbara cannabis i would counter that by saying that i think when patients go to a doctor and they want information and they wanted by s they want only the highest standard of evidence and they want the same standard for all of the products that the physician is recommending to them i think dr wear also hit on one of the real challenges for the medical profession when he said that this is a substance that doesn't necessarily fit sort of the standard medical paradigm it's not like other types of medication and i think that gets back to this question of why would we continue to have a separate medical system for its authorisation when it doesn't fit the medical paradigm when it's not like any other type of intervention and more importantly when people can get it anyway just by going down to the store or by ordering it online or by phone without a doctor's authorisation dr blackman dr wear thank you both for coming together to discuss it my pleasure thank you very much for having me thank you very much bob it's been a pleasure thank you jeff dr mark wear studies cannabis and he's an associate professor in the departments of family medicine and anesthesia mcgill university dr jeff blackmore is the vice president of medical professionalism with the canadian medical association we reached out to health canada to find out what their plan was post legalization in a statement they said they will be maintaining a quote distinct system to provide patients with reasonable access to cannabis for medical purposes.

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