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Sunday mostly sunny much less humid very comfortable eighty seventy eight right now in Juniata park seventy nine in Winona it's seventy seven degrees at the acme in pay only sponsored by acme download the act me app to save over the last few years there's been a lot of talk about making Atlantic city's boardwalk more family friendly the Philadelphia developers bringing back an idea that's been debate debated before only this time he tells KYW South Jersey bureau chief David Madden that he'll deliver on the idea in about a year and a half at least twice before the idea of a year round indoor water park has been floated only to be pulled later the bard blasting insists is one hundred million dollar dream will become a reality thanks for the the house the marketing and the shores and and my brothers are both start Austrians and other people from Pennsylvania and Jersey and I'm sorry to be part of this resurgence Atlantic city once denounced the showboat hotel which used to also be home to a casino he had pondered the idea of reopening the gaming hall not so much recently though since he's been focused on the water park he says the city needs a place for the whole family can take a vacation plans are to break ground in August on land next to the showboat blood stain is applied for tax breaks and permits to begin construction in the fall in South Jersey David Madden KYW newsradio soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the billion dollar club the Portuguese superstar has become the first soccer player in history to earn more than a billion dollars during his playing career according to Forbes the Ford for Juventus has made six hundred fifty million alone from playing soccer with the rest coming from an assortment of endorsement deals he's just the third athlete in history to break the billion dollar barrier while still playing joining Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather and he's just the third athlete to sign a lifetime deal with Nike joining Michael Jordan and lebron James a deal that pays him twenty million dollars a year I'm John stole money news on K. Y. W. buying and selling homes is drastically changing in the age of social distancing ended that could impact your ability to get top dollar for your home open house S. were canceled for the past two months almost without exception and instead your face time while you walk through the house I'll tell you where to point your phone that's Jim Rowley principal broker at looks man a real estate in Bethesda Maryland he says one huge challenge remains for the real estate agent buyer and seller the inability to have overlapping showings before the pandemic or you just schedule it and if there's another agent there you just kind of all went look at at the same time now showings are all done by appointment and a higher volume of buyers won't be able to see you go home really says that could stop a buyer who's willing to pay more for the property from seeing the home and giving the seller a sweeter deal with money from Bloomberg on KYW I'm resilient another day of protests in in and around Philadelphia that's coming up on K. Y. W. news radio seven seven zero.

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