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And. Yeah so where where does? So I say to her you know what happens. You know I'm going to these phone the she's got freaky about the whole thing the. Cell Towers, burning down I said get your license it's not that hard get your ham license. We'll get you some of these little handheld devices you can't get hold of me you go on a repeater and here I am. And she said, yeah, do it can't be that hard. Dishes Kilo Mike Lauren Michael on I'm looking for the town. She's GonNa get license I'm. GonNa make J get one to. Finally because I know that they'll say you up on the repeater I know they'll get it done now that'll be fun. All right. Well, there goes the neighborhood and I wanNA thank Oliver an incredible hundred bucks for any. Very. Cool. We want to thank all of these producers who are executive and associate executive producers of episode one thousand. Two hundred seventy. Thank you because you are putting the show together. We have lots of people who can't support us with money and they do many other things. It is the true value value network. He get out of it what you put into it and we certainly appreciate what you've done. So please consider US for the Sunday show if you'd like to help out around dot org slash. Twin debit beyond the lookout for support. The show are formula is this. We. Go Out..

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