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Out there in the audience is the time of the sex abuse cover up over in the Catholic church. Pope Francis is holding a summit on clergy sex abuse at the Vatican survivors, are demanding accountability transparency from the church its leadership, and they assert that the time of sex abuse cover ups is over and at the same time here in the state of Michigan. Attorney general Dana Nessel is a cute is accusing the Catholic church and its leadership about fully cooperating with law enforcement telling them to stop self policing stop self-policing allow state investigators to probe sexual abuse by the clergy. In addition to that Nestle was joined in a press conference the took place today by the head of the Michigan state police Colonel Joe Gaspar who echoed nestles remarks and sentiment. I quote, I also want to echo your comments. He was referring to those made by the attorney general Dana Nessel regarding the importance of reporting tips directly to law enforcement. We take all lead seriously, and it's critically important that we hear directly from you. When you have information to provide in quote, so said the Colonel of the Michigan state police in connection with a press conference with the state attorney general. Data Nestle today saying that it's time for outside law enforcement to visit its resources on the Catholic church is she right? Eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD TK. I can think of at least a couple of areas where that could lead to eight large. Potential for abuse large potential for abuse on both sides of the equation, those making accusations about abuse and those investigating accusations about abuse. But you may have other thoughts about it. And I want you to call here and express them eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five. And remember this folks, we don't have a lot of time the John McCullough show speeds by like a bullet. So get on the horn is they say eight hundred nine to three w d TK out with phone lines. We go Jensen Clinton township. Jim thanks for calling. Good evening, Daryl. I want to jump in on. Elizabeth Warren saying that she pooh-poohed the crisis at the border and saying the real crisis is climate change gun violence when I hang on a second gym. But one of the things we do as the host of this program Monday through Thursday. You're me clearly Monday through Thursday is set the talk of Genda, we're not talking about Elizabeth Warren, and we're not talking about climate change. We're talking about specific program topics right now that I have laid forth one of them being the the less than convivial treatment of Kellyanne Conway on CNN when she said that the reports given out to agencies like CNN about negative news regarding either. People like of the FBI's former deputy director, Andrew McCabe or just a small ads fake reports of hate crimes in Chicago are just the kind of news that organizations like CNN look for because they are expressly anti Trump. Now, that's one topic the other topic that we're talking about, of course, is whether or not it's time for outside law enforcement agencies to police, the Catholic church in light of the sex abuse scandal, and the attorney general in Michigan is saying it is just that particular point in time. So those are the topics that I've opened up for discussion today, and nobody gets set to talk agenda on the show between Monday and Thursday. But the host Friday we allow folks to do just that. So Jim I'm gonna come back to you. And if you wanna talk about one of the topics that I've unpacked feel free to do. So my friend. Go ahead. Jim. Okay. What I what mentioned about Cape? He's been discredited. And he's part of the Kabba that was. Uncovered you try to take down Trump and he's fighting for his life because he knows that what she's uncovered. He's going to go to prison and with all the other people that have gone to jail for much lesser. He's on on the ticket. Plus, she's selling a book. Yep. That's exactly right. And so again, I apologize about. No, no, no need to apologize. Every now. And then Jim we have to go over the ground rules air because there are lots of people who either forget them or just simply don't know them. And I am not trying to I'm not trying to usurp any kind of authority that I don't have. I know that these are the ground rules of the John McCullough show. So I simply want folks remember even though John's away we don't allow the mice to play eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD TK. But thank you very much Jim for your comment to the program. Yeah. Andrew McCabe is on the stomp if you will to sell a book and to that degree. I have put out the fact that that Mr. MacKay Andrew McCabe, excuse me, Andrew McCabe is a liar. It can be proven and other people as I demonstrated in a sound clip from an attorney. Honi appearing on CNN indicated that this man is fact challenged and the inspector general report a prior to his dismissal from the FBI indicates that this man is fact challenge and lies to his superiors regularly Kellyanne Conway, the senior counsel for the president of the United States talked about the fact that Andrew McCabe is a liar. Hey, chris. Here's here's here's the deal. Well, McCain just wasn't under oath on your network any lies when he is under a short how lies when he's not under oath. So there you go eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five the John McCullough show. Leeann is listening to the program in Detroit Glen, thanks so much for your call your comment. John. I mean, I'm sorry Darrell I think the sad part about all this. Then and he's other liberal stations wanna push the narrative that a mug ahead is like a clear role. Yes. And her they have now them that is in in is yearbook is medical yearbook in either a black face or a rope. And that's fine with them. But if we want to support our president, and where am I gonna hat that means that we should be attacked, you know, people had guns pulled on them. But now people wanna push narratives that we're racist. That makes them happy CNN is happy to make Trump supporters. All we're all bunch of racism, homophobia, Nicole, and it's just not the case. But they're gonna push no matter what. So whether smollet story sounded stupider nuts that fits right into what they think about us. That is exactly the case. Lynn, thanks for the clear thinking and the great comet on the show today. My friend eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five, and I would simply say this way. The president responded to the truth that was unfurled in Chicago earlier today by its superintendent and chief of detectives the president said what about all those millions of maga- hat wearing Americans. You just see small it have insulted with your racist and dangerous comments. Exclamation point question. Mark hashtag maga- eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three W D T K. It's the John McCullough show back to the phone lines. We go very quickly, Bruce is in Grosse Pointe farms. Bruce, thanks so much for your call. Hey, good evening, Daryl. Thanks for taking my call. Sure. About about McCabe. Not only should he be sent away. And I always jumpsuit and handcuffs, and manacles communists to be made to answer for this. You know, Rosenstein, Rosensteins gonna leave the Justice department under his own power, without the assistance of law enforcement. And thank goodness about about. The only guy who is not gonna pay any penalty at all for any of this stuff is James Clapper because I guess any statute of limitations has run out for this guy. So he's getting off walkie Brennan Ryan's another one. I mean for crying out loud. And then we've got well, what was what was supposed to be chief cheap attorney's name for the FBI. He's the one who wanted to prosecute Hillary and a, and they they they they told him that they would not pursue Admiral. James baker. Yeah. Time and all this information's now just coming to light. You know has been available for some time. Fact of the matter is they don't all walk in unified fashion within the ranks of the FBI or the department of Justice. They are good men and women there, and I think, Bruce that's the point that has to be made. But the other point that I made at the end of the show yesterday was that even though you have good men and women inside the ranks of these government institutions. It's going to take the power the skill the knowledge and the ability of folks on the outside of the government machinery and the deep state to help not this tree over Bruce. Thanks a lot. And that process is on going, even as we speak with good, folks. Like, Tom fitne- from the Judicial Watch organization who is filing for paperwork under the freedom of information act of all of the recorded conversations and all of the documentation. A related to Andrew McCabe and other exploits by rod Rosenstein at all. At the FBI and within the hierarchy of the department of Justice because they're putting together a case. And I'm telling you folks, keep watching it's gonna come from outside the government eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD K time's take that break, folks. We're back with your phone calls on the John McCullough show following.

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