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That's not a short term fix. I don't know if they'll be that that good this year but Dobie one the best offensive line so they have everything in place for him to be great now. Once they started playing great final ten weeks of the year he was sacked eight times. Sometimes you don't want a lot of games with any quarterback. Get sank less than once per game and when you mentioned the skill position guys you say all the time he looked your wide receiving corps like a basketball team and they got <music> EIB Rogers Centre. They brought Devin funchess. It's your power forward T. Y.. Hilton Your Point Guard and the guy you like Peres Campbell out of Ohio state can be that wing if you will can be a guy who can run the football I get the ball out of the deal but also gives them some size in some athleticism on the wide receiving corps so T._Y.'s been I think he's made the absolute most of his abilities up to this point in his career and he's had a great deep ball connection with luck but funches impairs Campbell one or both of those two. I should add a more reliable possession receiver and let's not forget the awful start. They got off to lash frank right as a rookie coach those weeks one through three. They were bad weeks four. Do Seventeen Angeles those thirty four touchdown passes only Patty Mahomes who had thirty seven right through weeks four through seventeen people forget then he he was exceptional team. I wouldn't be surprised a lot of people pick them. They're super bowl. Pick all right. Let's take a break coming up this guy well. The Saints <music> ever get over losing the N._F._C. title game dusty honey. That's next on first. Let's move on saints is now the two thousand eighteen season ended in controversial fashion in the N._F._C. title game against the Rams and according to former saints running back Mark Ingram. That's still a bitter pill L. to swallow. He said that is something that no one on our team. No one in our organization will ever get over that. It's tough when you get to that point. Basically one play from the Super Bowl. There's no justifying that there's no comfort in that. See what are the saints have to to break through and win. The Super Bowl for the last couple of years have been tough two years ago the Miracle Minneapolis in the divisional round. They have that game one. They got defend hail. Mary knocked doc the ball down. Just oh that's all they got to build. Do Stefan digs takes it in vikings going to lose to the eagles. They're going to win the Super Bowl then last. You think you can't top that Oh they did. They got homefield advantage. They're playing the rams. They got that was a great football game. That was destroyed by controversial call that changed the game. They say well. You don't know if they're going to know. We don't know that but you know that a bad call was allowed to continue with shitting been there now that they've changed the rules. That's how obvious it was. It's to the N._F._l.. Can they recover you can never go back. You think Tom Brady right now. You've got sixty rolls right. Tell me could he have had nine certainly and breath and that's the way he thinks that's one of the things you like me. And why is it out there because of those missed opportunities man. I got close twice two times times in three years. Were in the N._F._C. Championship game. Neither time that I take it for granted that you know something. This is going to happen all the time. I don't think they're going to recover because drew brees you look at the quarterbacks and the teams in the N._f._c. man you gotta run that Gauntlet again and are they S. talented. I think their offense might have a little more variation than they have and jared cook as a tight end. I believe he's going to have a unbelievable season with drew breeze drew brees the best quarterback that that he's ever played with in his ability to create mismatches and overall speed. I believe they take huge advantage of no. You don't go backwards because even drew brees was to go on to win another sue boat. He's going to look back and be like man..

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