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News channel. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is stepping down and going home to Arkansas. Thank you so much, Mr. presents truly an honor. He's an incredible job, we've been through a lot together and she's tough. But she's good. You know, you also have and bad, right? She's tough. And she's good. She's great. President Trump encouraging Sanders to run for governor a plan to start industrial activity near a national treasure draws mixed reviews. A clash between environmentalists in the mining industry is looming. This is the Trump administration considers uranium mining near the Grand Canyon uranium in that area is considered the highest grade, the US a decision could be made next month in hinges on whether or not to force the defense and power industries to enact a twenty five percent purchasing quota on domestic uranium market prices have dropped miners, struggling a moratorium on uranium mining around the canyon has been in effect since two thousand twelve critics worry renewed efforts could contaminate groundwater and say it's an unnecessary threat to tourism, Kevin battle, Fox News. A popular travel website gets a hefty fine for making bookings in Cuba. We know that we had a levee breach that was. North of here at the end of last week, there were reports of some levees leaking in and around the Little Rock area over the weekend. But the US army corps of engineers tells us that all of the levees are currently holding that is certainly welcome news for so many people in this region who are certainly on edge, especially with the forecast showing a whole lot more rain coming this week. Meantime as I was talking about that a popular website. That's Expedia getting a hefty fine for making bookings in Cuba. The Trump administration changing rules about doing business in Cuba, and better. Check your cereals, fear children. The environmental working group says new analysis shows nearly two dozen popular children's cereals and other snacks contain a cancer, causing chemical from roundup weed killer. This is Fox News. Let's talk about America not taxes or tweets or the issues.

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