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Domestic issues family issues right. Shoot down every measurable gerry that we were looking at as leaders and and passing office. Indiscipline was a direct result of mental injuries and people not having the ability to properly deal with how their brain has changed because we've thrown them in combat rotation after rotation after rotation after rotation right unbelievable and i offered this program special operations command. General thomas want anything to do with it really and nobody else wanted to do it. And i thought it would be a great program for the rest of the special operation. Commands restless off. No i thing the commander did replacement was get rid of the program. And so we're hurting our people and we know we're hurting our people and we hurt colonel ray owen ray. Everything that happened to him was avoidable. It was an i g complaint against him. And i'm telling you i met people that that didn't have a lot of good things to say about them. You know family members and subordinates. Because he was suffering personally professionally. He was self medicaid and the sad thing about it is a good leader in a well respected leader. But he wasn't being able to optimize any of that because he was. He didn't get any therapy. Any help Would these issues of post traumatic stress and other issues that he had. And that's what. The i g investigation told the chain of command in. What are the chain of command. Do they ignored it. And then what happened to him. Got worse and worse and worse until it culminated into event involving a gun with his family in their home and the police and now he's facing criminal charges and the chain of command back then didn't do anything. It's the same chain of command except they all got promoted right now. They're not helping right. And this is a bad thing. And i'm going to write another article for software. You know you know putting yourself who ten general dietrich regina general bo debt. These guys need to be held accountable for their lack of action. Right the same the same things that they did during the year ambushed right. Not taking care of our guys. They're pointing the fingers trying to protect their. You know their boys tried. I you know trying to protect higher chain of command. This is just wrong. We gotta stop doing this. We have to stop doing. We have a series of senior leaders. That are part of the good old boys club. Organizational nepotism they take care of each other at the expense of the people that they're supposed to be helping and someone's got to do something about it and someone's going to do something about it quick. Well that brings us to you. Know why you're running for office. Because you know i i read something you wrote. I wanna say it was about two or three years ago. For small wars journal about there being leadership lack i guess would be the word via way to describe it in our national government in the top echelons of our military yet. You're absolutely right. I did write an article by it. I experienced it right. Listen i have my own fault right. I mean i'm not perfect leader. I i had to learn how to be a good leader. I had to learn how to do things. I had to admit things. I had to look at myself in the mirror and say hey listen. This is not good. It's one of the reasons. I went for treatment for p. t. s. and and tv. I i had guys that work for me. When i was a time command when i was six who came to work for me in south africa and said well you know you are the same guy. You're motivated purpose direction. All that but your approach is much different. Yes i'm a better version of myself. Right because i got treatment. And that's what's lacking and people are afraid to say. I'm still the only general officer in soft to publish an article calling himself out in the new york times saying. Hey listen i wasn't. I wasn't an optimal leader. And i had tremendous responsibilities and we need everyone else to do that as well. You should not be promoted promoted because of that you you get you get help and you move forward right. And that's that's what we're that's where we're stuck. We we pick people in our own image. We exclude those that that are contrarians. We don't like contrarians steve. If somebody disagrees with their out of the club oh it can't disagree with me. How dare they disagree with me right. And that's not right either Right now we have a political. We have a generals and admirals who are totally political. You prove it. I've watched them change from late. Bush era through the obama era into the trump era and now in the binder. They change their stripes. They change their chameleons their political in nature. They're allowing critical race training to occur in our military. They're creating problems with they're not. They're not focusing on war flannel. Our military is not ready to fight. It needs to be ready to fight and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Oh you know what they do. They say oh. It must be time commanders fall..

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