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I just i i mean listen it gotta be seen twins show here doll. You seen that he no. I didn't think i i'll say immaculately hitting him with a clean shot. I'm not saying he. He can't fight. Allow watch when i'm just saying. Imagine me catching twin in what. Hey come on amen. I hope i want you to have laws. Man i want. I mean look twin. Is my our to lose either. But like yo you in the forty over-clubbed may i need you to get another win. I mean because you thought it was going to be. Mario by nonsense for talking mass out. Robbie yeah the keyboard is cousin. Then seeing congress. I knew i wanted to rouse and had a medical asia. You know what i'm saying. That's what happened but you never seen the man beat me. He looked around got lucky. I can't control. That will happen to give us the odds of that happening. I mean listen. I know look jordan. On his knees over he gets tired he gets high. So can you take advantage of that. But this is also a joy in coming off of an achilles heel injury so he probably couldn't really do any running so now he probably going on an achilles heel injury he said he had covert got hit by. I fucking forty some dude fuck you talking about you so lobby so you can stop is because you've been you've been you've been getting knockdowns every fight. You think you're going to keep that same pattern. Last night i finish. I should have finished mareo when i had him. But the next guy won't be lucky. Does that bother you that you because you you didn't knock him down i and and let him off the hook basically because then he was able to come back and turn things around. Yeah definitely nice guy will get finished. I i i. i was tired this one. I wasn't tight makarios getting better. My train is getting better predictive. Tell me about these fights. But boy to fairy mayan gear took you to versus jose. Three no undefeated lineal chair. I mean let me see you knocking him out. What about kemin vega. You'd think he'd cherry-pick inveigle. That's a good fight king stopping but you okay all right. So what about bishop and rob or the june. The twin is taken. He's right hands. I see i see you and your train looking at that tape. I i see he is taking enjoying right hands. You going with this going to me. Otherwise he shall be nothing that he's gonna do they both to or no. Listen man. i'll tell you who won't picking one guy lulu. I hear so he nothing. He could lose old guy. I forty and over club. Let's go yo. What about smoking out. J. versus mission. Impossible joy might be right. Joy joy landed. He landed into the face. Then the body then back to the face with the right bra you might be right. But i hope you train because you've got to be able to walk through these. That means twin was training. He was dog. I'm not get hitting understanding into place like that but if you do you got to be able to be prepared for that show to ford. Hit just as hard as not harder. Um him years smoke them out. J. knocked out super. Moore's i'm a gold mission impossible just because boca my daily for like thirty seconds. I'll know what he really got us. I was that what about have you seen gino's opponent one. That was over there. We're baldy member. Who is all yelling. Shit is boiled. Unc these long so you what. You see gino right. I but whatever that's not going to be a fair that's it that's it. Oh marvin now. I'm only giving you the ball. I wasting time with these. Gotta make listen and cool but on man you pretty in their man..

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