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Have got mountains of news. Montreal shea weber situation zakheim in toronto. Gabriel land gog with colorado avalanche. I mean we're recording this podcast app so thirty one thursday morning and i feel comfortable in saying by friday night. Lot of what we've talked about it's going to be somewhat. Aided but jr is the season. You enjoy this time of year. Doing i kind of don't because it just means i'm on the clock twenty four hours so we don't love that aspect but i do like how the landscape of each club and league in general can change because of all of the activity. I like it a lot. I mean it's interesting. There's lots of cool things that happen. I fully support your twenty four hour work at work rate here during the next week or two weeks or whatever. It's going to be. But i like it. I think it's interesting because every player that is available. Most teams are most fans of team. Think how that player can help them. You know it's almost like silly season because some of the players. Yeah they would help but it can't happen. There's no money there's no fat. there's no something or other. So i'd like the enthusiasm. That's one of the reasons. I'd love to see there. Be some provision to retain salary on a franchise player. If a team so chooses. I think would open up some trades during the year. It's part of the interest of it and this month in hockey which is usually previous month. I mean this is the time. It's june july that things really hap- yeah i in a lot is going now but obviously got the expansion draft looming. You've got the draft after that you've got all sorts of trade scenarios that are in play and sometimes we over sell that in our business because you'll want there to be a ton of activity but there will be with july twenty eight being free agent frenzy. Don't have this in the headlines. But i want your opinion on this. You know it's a flat cap for this upcoming season. Maybe even the season after that right and look we know that the free agents coming into this past season felt it..

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