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I'll tell you what's the debate between anthony yard. Who's from the roads right sunday. Giants the co host and wilder wilder. There were. you'd level. Does he actually offended tom. From you. know don't widens from the uk people in the uk would say that they wouldn't support him is amendment. They will support way more than they did lewis because he was canadienne. he's canadian. You lose this argument. You're losing this argument. You're no you're so much rubbish canadian and canadian uk. He went to kenny williams box but after two mother went to canada to work and then his mom set for him to come out there. How the hell does that make him. Not rich is greyish. But just like myself he's of jamaican descent can and just let myself. We don't really pledge allegiance to the crown. 'cause we don't wear casino we know we know we're from parents who were immigrants. Where was it so fast. We don't expense is positive. British is possible. Brits the first one yet lewis lucy's british my friend while i'm trying to say is this dumb. You are to like if water was the each put on my inserts wall to make the whole world laughing you idiot domini comment you. How many how. Many how many amateur. The leading serve mitch loads. Oh okay okay. Let me tell you this. So so so why. So why do you praise anthony lol. But not now. I'm lost here. I'm laws while india. Uk the uk respect balk same technique. It seems we respect boxing techniques more worried desperately not to grab on a guy. That's you're you're you're the main supporter of anthony yard. You know what's the difference between anthony yard and the wild wild actually got a world title and a meadow at the olympics. They both started late late. They both started the same back one guy and not the other. I guess because he's blow back about one guy because he's not my little nephew. Exactly that you load yards spence got blood also my my league with twenty five. 'cause he got that that's the reason why i'm gonna back. You mean say a great food dividend. He took the yard was a hard. We're bowling bowl. In like a big thing wimbledon. We went bowling. Tebow's where would there. And he has never met she say look that's spence is. my uncle. Signed your ankle so for that kind of love that we have. Well how you big up. Anthony yard then and not praised wilder big up into new york for having limited limited amateurs skills limited amateur background still getting on the prone to this interview. Should be over. Because you've lost credibility. Make sure you do post this because you've lost your saying to do. That is a one time chattel title challenger and was knocked out is acquitted is equivalent to does it matter if his skills are technically better than while does he hasn't been able to accomplish. What while the accomplish. Not in the end will okay so you you believe in anthony yard but you don't believe in deontay wilder. You're showing your bias. Brother know the proof is in the put in one man already one man. Listen listen one man. Listen but this is what. I'm trying to tell you one man already showed you. Hey guess what spence. I could become a world champion. Guess what spence. I could defend the ten times. Guess what i went to the amateurs limited amateur skills and and the background and i still got a bronze i respect. You don't think you do. I don't think diminish you you diminish it along with ninety nine percent of the box in public and that's why this you don't understand that what they're saying with the satellite thing. It's a metaphor of how are lee. Went through went through and wo- wilder islam while the headed. He had to deal with this guy. Like you gotta deal with guys like you. He probably looking in the mirror like why isn't spins back in me. No one got a contract knowing nowhere here while the probably looked in the mirror like wise and spent back contract. I see you. Don't kill i. I mean he definitely has given opinion on videos on you johnny nelson so he does care which i say especially to me especially being manila. Don't lie johnny nelson said. He got not technogym package who k. Guys made that i was i was sat there with johnny carson and then he just went a whole one right That's all we all knew. That was a large. Let's go never admitted to that. There's never been footage. Never been to wait a while ago. Not out by a you want me to believe his nemesis that none of that is credible. Off record in the on is on rickles ban public spanish. How many people told you off record. The rebus tested positive right then. Don't just show that people can tell you something it's not true. I'm sure i is dilawar. Told me person kid knows his sixteen years old. He's gonna rely lot one thing about the white you know. He's not allow not allow dilawar. Don't they didn't fit. What did the glove fit what beloved. oj simpson's didn't fit then fell so lakeway job. Now my man my man dillion.

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