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Not like we were passing on when people at Vickery like if you're not continuously talking still right Yo. Why didn't know that I don't talk to us? We're facebook friends. And then if I see him out hills he knows me by by looking at me. I don't know that he not by my name. Why I describe you. I said you know he goes. He's Oh Michael. Mike Hosea Michael Zavala. You know He does radio. He's kind of like short in stature. Long hair he thinks he's a comedian. Thinks he's funny. You Pie till you jokes. W- advocate bakery always ordering red bowl and he was all like. Oh I think I remember him. Why did you had to 'EM Z? Z. Now whatever yeah but I would always say because you always do play. I honestly wanted to see the play and I would always be. Oh what are you going theater new would tell me and I'm like oh I'm GonNa really try. I'll see you next week then and I would never. I've never gone to one of his place like I never put in my part of the friendship. So that's why I'm easily forgettable. We went I mean with the as he wanted us. Well I just. I'm not a big Theater Fan or it sounded good at the time when we talked about it and then next week and would show up or whatever weekend it was and I'm like I don't really WanNa do that. I'd rather stay home and watch TV drive somewhere and pay for a ticket and most places I go to. I've only been to a few plays like outside of school play. I never really liked. It just wasn't not great. I went to a musical one. Time with this chick and man. We were there for like three hours. There's an intermission. Yeah it was going on and on. I don't even know what the story was about. And they were saying as a dancer off stagehands running out to change. It was ridiculous dancing dancing. A New York couldn't do. I don't think I could do like a Broadway show or anything really. I actually watch cats. Last night was known. Now it wasn't like the new one. Yeah I WANNA come out last year hours.

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