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Keeping your WTMJ. And we'll let you know. What's happening? If anything like wild happens like it actually snows until it happens. I'm not going to believe snack. Let's go to Greenville John going the morning. I'm calling. I've got a house that I'm getting put on the market, and I've got some cracks in walls. And I'm just wondering if this is something that I can I can take care of myself or do I need hire contractor. I wanna get itself. Before I try to solve this coming back at me. Any water or anything coming in? It's just from the ORs onnell crack and also some Steph cracks yet. Erica near both mobbing each other. There's a couple of guys who look at basements like that. You may want one of them take a look don't cover it up don't paint. It don't make look like euro. I'm just fixing up to so my house because you get in trouble down the road with that. So I would have someone valuate that basement independent. Mike chatted. His name is Mike S H A D D or Chuck Weber Chuck Weber and for a few hundred bucks commodity value into basement. Right. It up tell you exactly what you need to do or not do. And then you can use that as a sales tool with your house. Okay. Let's go to Hartland. Hey, jim. Hey, how you doing? You guys were out at my house last year. You did citing not not citing the doors and the windows..

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