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It's april two thousand six and three degrees above zero on baffin island canada henry wars lee strange to drag a hundred pound sled through the snow. It's strapped to his chest harness and every step forward. He can feel the weight of the sled crushing his shoulders. He's going to be sore. It's all part of the extreme polar training course he and will enrolled in to help them prepare for their south pole trick. It's led by the legendary polar guide. Matty mcnair who has taken a special interest in their expedition. They have to other team members with them. Both great grandsons of the youngest member of shackleton's nimrod crew the team is spread out across the course breathing hard. The shins are scraped raw from chunks of broken ice hidden by fresh snow. He turns around and yells back to will. How're you doing. Shouldn't we all be together but will is too far back. He can't hear him. Henry's glad to finally be an official member of the team. Though since he and will. I met a planning has been slow. Yes they have monthly meetings but the goals are scattershot. they research possible sponsors and then re research again. There was a rope work class that they took with one of henry's bodies one weekend but the only thing they learned was how much they didn't know henry pulls off his goggles to wipe them down the reflection from the sun bouncing off the snow pierces. His eyes blindness. Something shackleton talked about on all of his trips. He needs to be careful when henry's teammates catch up. They look at each other sleds. This bad one of the sleds has all of the heaviest items strapped on the back. Others have the heavier items in the front. If they can't even learn simple tasks like packing sleighs. They're never going to be able to drag them up. Thousands of feet of ice. The men's ski back to camp mattias there waiting with her arms crossed. She doesn't look happy. She waves them over. Come on guys. Let's get into the tent. Who wants to start the cook stove henry. Volunteers matty starts assessing their progress. But would you say went wrong today. There's an uncomfortable silence. Finally henri speaks up. We pack the sleds inefficiently. We also mis read that navigation atoms jump said and we're still skiing too slow. We won't make our goal unless we speed it up. Adams is the youngest and most of the four. Henry met him at the airport for the first time when they arrived his enthusiasm for the trip is almost as big. As henry's henry liked him on onsite suddenly the ten fills with an odd smell. The cooker it's burning. They completely forgot. They turned on the cooker and now the food is on fire. Adams and will rush to. Douse the flames with snow. Matty laughs at the chaos but then she turns serious guys. These little things are bigger than you think. Leading a stove might seem tedious. But you can't cut corners when you're out there not on this not on pitching your tent correctly or preparing your food. The beauty of the antarctic will seduce you. But you have to stay alert and look out for each other. Henry knows she's right. he's read. How prepared shackleton was for his missions. Explorer has some crazy ideas but he had other team members to balance him out and he knew it matters voice interrupts. There's something else you need to think about. You need to figure out your strengths and your weaknesses teamwork is everything out there. You have to know yourself. Andrew teammates better than you know anyone. It's the only way you'll survive now. Who's the lead here. It's the same question that's been bugging. Henry shackleton was a great leader of men but for their expedition. It's still not clear. Who's in charge and it's taking a toll. It's hard to build trust and everyone is frustrated. Even will something has to change when maddie leaves henry asks will if he can speak to him alone. It's going to be a hard conversation but he has to do it. Henry chooses his words carefully. I know this whole thing was your idea your dream you've pulled the team together and no one can ever take that away but things aren't progressing. The way they should the lack of direction could ruin this entire expedition. Unless you hand the reins to someone else. I think i'm going to withdraw from the team. Henry watches the emotions. Play on. will's face. There's confusion and anger and sadness. This is his baby his vision finally he responds. I know what you mean by. That doesn't mean i like it. I'll have to think about it that night. Henry doesn't sleep well. This could be his only chance at the poll when he wakes up will is already in the cook tent making coffee from the dark circles under his eyes. Henry can tell he hasn't slept much either. You're right henry. Someone needs to be in charge. You have more experience than i do. You can take the lead. Henry is moved is a huge gesture the to shake hands when we'll leave the tent. Henry sits down alone and thinks about how they're going to pull this off in the next two years there's still so much to do. They'll need a fundraising committee. He wants to meet with experts people who have done this before and training more training address rehearsal in greenland. He's going to plot shackleton's route from end to end. Note the problem spots. It's up to him to be the team's shackleton now. Ernest shackleton peers down at the small brass compass in his hand. It's november fifth nineteen. Fourteen left pornos aries nine days ago. They should reach the whaling station soon. It's their final stop. Before the one thousand mile push to artika so far. It's been easy sailing. The waters have been kind. The crew even spotted a few whales in the calm seas sign of luck events in the distance shackleton sees south georgia island rising up and out of the blue c. they plan to dock at griffin a small whaling town. They're they're shackleton hopes to get news from the local whaling skippers about conditions on the sea as they owned a fort. They're greeted by weight. Seem through the hazy light under the shadow of an ice capped mountain a few small fishing huts dot the rocky shore. It's a beautiful place to stop frank. Wars nudges him. Put the compass away boss. You'll need that hand. For drinks shackleton laughs. We're not even on shore yet skipper. Let's wait to see what the local say about the ice in the whittlesey..

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