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I'm Ed Donahue. Wyoming's Liz Cheney is out as the number three Republican in the House. She lost her leadership role over critical comments about former President Donald Trump and his false claims of election fraud and his role in inciting the capital riot in January. Cheney says Donald Trump is still a danger. Will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office. Illinois Republican Adam Kids says The only thing Shania is guilty of is telling the truth. The truth is that the election was not stolen. 74 million voters were not disenfranchised. They were just outnumbered. And it's important for our party to take inventory of that and go out and win the next election. Chinese leadership replacement is expected to be New York's at least defend IQ. Former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller told the Congressional Committee why he wanted the military to have a limited involvement in response to the January capital riot. During that time, there was irresponsible commentary by the media about a possible military coup or that advisers, the president were advocating the declaration of martial law. I was also very cognizant of the fears and Turns about the prior use of the military June 2020 response the protest into the White House, Miller says the Defense Department has an extremely poor record and supporting domestic law enforcement. He mentioned the shooting deaths 51 years ago of four students at Kent State University by Ohio National Guard members. Or than 1000 gas stations in the south have run out of fuel. Ah, hack of the nation's largest fuel pipeline led to panic buying a judge in Minnesota rule. There were aggravating factors in the death of George Floyd, which could mean a longer sentence for former police officer Derrick Show Vin. He was convicted of murder and manslaughter. Inflation struck the economy last month. Consumer prices, making the largest monthly jump in more than a decade. Big losses to start the day on Wall Street. This is AP knows Bill Mathis in Sterling Heights, Michigan, loved being a teacher up until the start of the Corona virus pandemic. This time last year we were heroes. The teacher hero posts were everywhere. I was getting emails from parents saying I'm doing such a good job than summer happened. It was over. It was a dream job until Mathis decided enough was enough, as might have been one of the hardest days of my life. Was to tell my kids I'm quitting. Mathis has taken a new job in Michigan's newly legalized cannabis industry. Why are all the teachers leaving me? Because they make 40 k a year? Why are all the teachers leave me? Because they have 165 kids? In their day. That's impossible. Elizabeth Lee knows is a behavioral scientist at UC Berkeley, she says. There are a lot of people like Bill Mathis anxiety is increasing. And so we expect that the rates are going to kind of stay high for public servants. For a while, there are mental breakdown, substance abuse and even suicide, especially among first responders. I'm Ed Donahue. AP News. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its induction class for this year at Margie's Our letter with the latest go, Go's the Foo Fighters and Jay Z make the wrong call their first time on the ballot. Carole King, Tina Turner and Todd Rundgren also will be inducted at a ceremony in Cleveland on October. 30th L L Cool J Billy Preston and Randi Rhodes will be honored with musical Excellence Awards. Kraftwerk, Gil Scott Heron and Charley Patton will be honored as early influencers. India has confirmed 4205 more deaths, setting another daily record and taking its official cove in 19 death toll past a quarter million as it battles a ferocious search in infections. Around 3 70,000. New cases have been added in the last 24 hour period, pushing India's total past 23 million. The figures are considered vast undercounts due to insufficient testing, among other factors. Even the daily cases have shown some signs off, flattening experts of caution authorities to not let down their guard, with nearly four million cases still active. Healthcare systems remain strained with limited hospital beds. Oxygen on medicine. Many states across the sprawling nation have imposed their own restrictions to curb infections. I'm Charles, still a Decima. Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Hey, did you.

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