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Coming up the secretary of state Grilled by senators on Afghanistan, American people want to know who's responsible on Capitol Hill. I'm Mitchell Miller, California voters at the polls today to decide if they will recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Abortion rights activists take their message to the Supreme Court Justices House I'm Nikki Nellie. Mixed on Wall Street with the Dow down 1 75, the NASDAQ Up 10, the S and P Down nine. It's 11 30. We won Secretary of State Tony Blinken again on the hot seat today, facing criticism from senators this time of both parties about the withdrawal of US troops out of Afghanistan. W T. O P S Mitchell Miller watching things for us on Capitol Hill misses secretary The execution of the US withdrawal was clearly in fatally flawed. Senator Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The panel's ranking Republican. Idaho Senator Jim Risch, also sharply criticized the Bush administration's handling of the evacuees. Oh Asian from Kabul administration is paying itself in the back for this evacuation. Is like an arsonist taking credit for saving people from the burning building, he just said on fire. Lawmakers are also upset that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declined to testify. Blinken, as he did before a House panel is defending the administration's efforts to get Americans and Afghans out of Kabul and he says they haven't ended. There is no deadline to this effort on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T. O P News. Foreign minister in Afghanistan's new Taliban run Cabinet, says the government remains committed to its promises not to allow Militants to use its territory to attack others. In his first press conference since the Taliban formed an interim government a week ago. Foreign Minister today would not give a time frame for how long the government would be in place, nor whether it would eventually be opened up to other factions, minorities or women. When asked about the possibility of elections, he demanded other countries not interfere in Afghanistan's internal issues. It is Election Day in California, with the state's voters deciding whether Governor Gavin Newsom will keep his office. In a rare recall election. President Biden joined Newsome last night at a final rally. CBS's major Garrett spoke with the governor's top advisers, They said, there is no scenario their words no scenario in which the governor loses this recall election that they said was based on public polls, their own internal polls and what they described as heavy early Democratic turnout that confidence notwithstanding. Here is what we know it Million ballots have already been sent into this recall election. California spent more than $200 million to hold it and Gavin Newsom, the governor has plowed more than $65 million into the effort to keep his job. The president says the outcome of this election will have national implications, and Republicans are hoping for a switch in the Democratic state You information coming from the Census Bureau today shows the share of Americans living in poverty rose slightly as the pandemic shook the economy last year. But massive relief payments pump down by Congress eased hardship for many. The official poverty measure showed an increase of 1% point in 2020, indicating that 11.4% of Americans were living in poverty. It was the first increase after five consecutive annual declines. The economy has rebounded since the start of the pandemic. But employment is still about five million jobs below pre pandemic levels ahead Protests outside the home of a Supreme Court justice 11 34 containers are popular because they increase developer velocity and allow Your agency. To deliver capabilities faster. Hi. I'm Paul Smith from Red Hat. A trusted partner for government agencies. Redhead open ship provides an open more secure and cloud native Kubernetes.

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