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Podcast first question comes from John Seaman. Ninety two he says what's your New Year's resolution. Oh Martin do you have one on in. Do you believe in them. You wouldn't be. I feel like you don't give a fuck about New Year's resolutions no not really My family has a tradition where we eat mashed potatoes black eyed peas and SAUERKRAUT On New Year's so Lucien fucking Ukrainians been weird chip but go on. I don't care I don't care I didn't make a new year's resolution allusion amid myself a January Resolution kind of I I Am Doing Dry January on but stuck with that being said it's it's there's a little astro. There's a caveat there where it's not true dried January. I'm just not buying any liquor beer if it's somehow ends up with me then you know all's fair in Love War I'll drink the shit out of that like Underpin Gangland tonight and and The reason I'm drinking it is because I bought it for my youngest brother on when he was home from college and he forgot it at my house so it's now mine and So kind of doing a half dry January honestly this kind of what else you. It's a financially sound resolution. I guess I yeah. You're just a moot for a month I I I can get behind it My resolution is I think the resolution I came up with was to be less passive because I feel like a lot of people like I'm really like a people pleaser and I try and please everyone wants Johnson. I over plan and say oh I can do this. I'm like no I'm just GONNA chill ow. I'M GONNA go watch Something on netflix aches. No thank you you so I think that was my resolution to be less passive and a pushover and try and like you know. Make more time for me. That's it's GonNa be. That's my new year's resolution so I'm pretty pretty stoked on it but if Martin was like hey we need and this right now I probably yeah sure but Right now okay okay okay. That's that's best for you. Okay all right next question. See Beers. Seven says does Martin at K. Mart Marin Reply K. Mart K. Mart since are they around Shit Dude Avenue K. Mart since the Giraffe in the middle of the store and I used to buy Legos from what was the last time I was at Kmart. But don't work there. Okay no confirmed. I wish I did actually kind of sick because it'd be like kind of like a weird trashy pickup blind and then you'd be like what they still exist and then you're in that's all that's all that's all. He needs to rare job to have honesty like a specialty job. Yeah it's like What's it called the The white great white buffalo of jobs. So it's pretty pretty pretty good next one one Sam June pretty pretty pretty good Sam June two one. Seven says Fuck Paul. Paul GPA. Not a question but I feel like Martin would agree. Yeah man I mean if Y'all been longtime listeners of of the show depend defended Paulie His entire time Manchester United by about a month into the season. I'm just absolutely sick of him and You know he's he's got that whole injury. Excuse I mean let's fucking Grove set boy And he really doesn't offer that much to Manchester United. When he's on the pitch is featured six is times in total this year but he's perfectly fine? Go into Weddings he's perfectly fine dancing with babies and he's perfectly fine doing his bullshit social media Shit Shit so yeah paw-paw can go fucking self right to Real Madrid I think he's a plague to this club and Him and Neymar are the picture. Perfect representation Asian of how shit modern football so. Yeah I'm right there with you. Did Fuck Fuck fuck it. It's a man or gentlemen lad lad That's all we picked last people forget. We're we picked it because of the gender gender neutral that's why we picked it Next question comes from Sweeney Junior. He says one player. You liked each of your teams to buy this January Martin O.. Did I've been shouted dreaming. It saying saying it whispering it than anyone who listen If I had to choose wanted to be Jackie I absolutely love that boy. I mean with his short Shin Guards his fucking bad as hair and then not to mention. His style of play is so energetically creative and beautiful. He he just looked like he's floating with the ball. Always finds the right pass creates a ton of space for his teammates himself. the defenders. It doesn't matter if he's going up against city defenders Liverpool defenders or Shit Club like United Defenders. He's GonNa find a way to force that ball where he wanted to go any just scores. Some World Lose Jackie boy come to the United and my Second Choice Maya backup prom. Date is James Madison. He does everything that Jag Jag. Grilles does but is a touch more expensive but also a touch more proven. Oh and I don't think Jack Reliable ever leave Aston Villa which I respect to the bottom my heart. So those are my two wish-lists wish list players. What about you do? I would just like a centreback. Just one Hayes. Asia finally any type of defender I really love that bad ass. Turkish dude I can never pronounce his name on. Lester who looks like Lord Farquaad But he's a bad ass Cy Young to thank you. I was going to try and go for it but a nope wasn't gonNA go. But yeah he I don't think he's GonNa be leaving Leicester Anytime any time soon. But he he if I if I could pick one it'd probably be him because he's pretty pretty sick Next question Boyd M Riley says is one transfer for each of the traditional top six plus other interesting teams last year in Everton We did menu and Arsenal so we can just hop around quick big Liverpool. Pretty Sound Man City need better defenders Probably a new center defensive of mid would probably be nice They use like a cool Bali which will be really good for them. But I don't think they'd get him like the summer for you. Know like ninety million dollars or something Chelsea I feel like they need a striker. So who's the Guy Well yes what's his name just went to Dorfman the the really. What's it called? What's the guy from Dorfman who just All fucking Uh aw from Australian Oh early early in Holland I got. Yeah yeah he would have been really good like you would have been good for Chelsea. They need like a good striker. I'm trying to Marin you go ahead is are you in terms of the top teams. What do you think needs what Liverpool who doesn't need shit and they do need to stop complaining about their lack of debts because they have plenty of it Manchester City. Like you said. I think that they need a top-class. The defender on especially with the retirement of Vincent Company on the Injury Report and the realization that Johnstone's and ultimately you're pretty dog shit also Mendis Pretty Dog Defense Defense Defense. For Manchester City Cutler. Bali is obviously one of the best defenders in the League but I could also see them. Go for a just giant Lyndon aimed like a veron or Martinez Because those those guys are just out of this world good end. Manchester City regularly breaks the bank to do that. Shit so I think that is centered. Defender is definitely one of their targets on for Arsenal. I mean I think you hit the nail on the head you still need a defender For Chelsea I'm GonNa go opposite direction. I think that they're attack as bad as a love. Tammy Abraham as their a sole striker I love Their wingers they kind of do a little shuffled switch around each time the play whether it's Mason Mount Will I am Pedro Christian Pulisic. I think they're pretty settled up front. I think VINITA fucking goalkeeper because Kappa is dodge it. I'm all about that. Train and and Donham Tottenham I think I think needs a midfielder a better midfielder the option than Sasako I think that they really shit the bed. WHEN THEY LEFT LEAD MOUSSA DIM Bayliss Lee for China last year? I think he brought a whole lot to that team. In terms of the tenacity and skill in the midfield to suck of justice not assess Vigils linked up Toby Alta water water water water water water water with a law global Until two thousand twenty three John is obviously solid Davidson Sanchez You'd get what you get with him and They're wingbacks are pretty the damn good Gazzaniga I mean he's he's a decent backup who knows if he goes ever GONNA be the same. So I think Tottenham definitely focus on that midfield gender in their attackers obviously damn good Offend hit all the top six limoges throw in Leicester for shits and giggles I'd say they need a all Mansi Love Lester and I think all the players in that team in each position are so good but obviously There's improvement for each one. But I I think that chemistry so good between Peres Jamie Vardi James Madison Harvey FUCKING DOC in. What's that other school that I always think of Harvey Something Harvey Barnes Benca while your retailers? I think this is a bad as team Amo so I guess you would just go for improvement in a certain position and this is just because this is the worst player on the pitch in my opinion Johnny Johny Evans are getting better defender. Yeah I think I think it was all around pretty good. That was a pretty loaded question. So yeah where do you go Martin. I'm you know now thanks to Doodoo. I'm next question Sped Lucas says too hard. Can I just like come up to Boston. Get up here soon. All right Sped Lucas says Is Veron underrated World Cup winner. four-time Champions League winner in Virgil van. Dyke is considered sittard. A goat defender Muslims it's a mix of underrated versus overrated and Braun has has Obviously proven himself in leagues in international play and in our club international play while Virgil vendex on his second season of being great. I'm so I I guess you can call them. Underrated Seeing as he is literally two months younger than me and a four year younger than Virgil Van Dyke and yet he's been performing coming at the top level since he was eighteen years old he benched pepe at eighteen for that. For God's Sakes so yeah Rafael Verona's criminally underrated. I Know Kevin and I said for quite some time. And we've come up with our lists of best defenders in a world of Ron has been on it so yeah I think he's. It's it's a a mix of underrated versus recency bias. I mean if one person does great in front of your eyes and you watch him every week and he does great we just you. You laugh all the praise on that man while ignoring this proven superstar that is ron so yeah he's damn good doesn't get the respect that he deserves. Yeah I it definitely agree. I feel like we have so much of a Premier League bias especially US and we're not seeing Bertel Dyke is. I believe the best defender in the world. I feel as though variety and gets you know not as much shy because you know we're Real Madrid face Real Madrid for so long was Renaldo. The face of Liverpool is.

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