FLU, President Mrs Trump, Flu Vaccine discussed on House Talk with Ray Trimble


A warning from health officials. I'm Roger stern, Fox News. You may have avoided the flu so far this year, at least the most common form of it. But get ready. Fox's Joe NATO says a nasty version may be on the way the strain of flu seen most this past flu season may have peaked already. So says the centers for disease control and prevention, but they are keeping an eye out on another strain of flu called type a h three and two. It's a more potent disease that may cause more hospitalizations and deaths especially in older people. The CDC says they've seen more cases of it in recent days and last week about sixty percent of the flu. Samples tested were this far more troublesome strain. The CDC does say the most recent flu vaccine was updated to address a h three into till NATO. Fox News empire actor Jesse small lead. Indicted for allegedly faking a hate crime attack on. Himself in Chicago in January defense attorney Mark gear goes telling CNN that's Millette maintains his innocence. What is happening here is frankly, a media gang bang of this guy of unprecedented proportions? And that's the reason I got into this small at faces sixteen separate charges President Mrs Trump were in Beauregard, Alabama commiserating with the folks thereafter tornado killed twenty three people this week. He's an incredible people. We just met some survivors family members. And what they've been through is incredible. One woman was ten people in our family. Incredible woman. And I said how how does it go? She said I lost. People. A couple of others who wants to threes. I've never seen anything like it. The president promising that the federal government will help people rebuild their lives..

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